When will the Riders roll come undone???

Yah yah yah.

Please note: Read the rest of this message in an EXTREME sarcastic tone.

RLR's team is so great.
RLR is full of great useful things to say.
RLR always has so many knowlegdeable things to say.
RLR's footbal knowledge is far greater than anybody else's.
RLR is so much more of a fan than anybody else.
RLR doesn't go out of his way to annoy people.
RLR does not ever whine if he gets a taste of his own medicine.
RLR has the answer to every question and it's never a biased answer.
RLR is a very productive member of the CFL forum who always stays on topic and always has insightful things to say that move the conversation forward.

Sarcasm ends.

Winnipeg will be tough to beat. Edmonton always scares me.

I don't know who will beat the 'Riders next. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will happen, and probably more than once, but the 'Riders have such a strange feel to them this year that all the normal expectations kind of get squashed.

Normally, I would bet everything on Winnipeg winning this week. Now, though, I honestly believe the 'Riders have a realistic chance at an upset.

Normally, they would choke in the playoffs. This year....? Not sure.

Normally they would lose their composure after a few bad breaks or plays (such as Winnipeg's goal-line stand), this year they rebound.

Normally we would lose in Montreal, this year we won.

All that to say, I would probably guess that Winnipeg will end their winning streak, but I'm not as fatalistic as I have been in previous years. It's kind of a nice feeling!

Misprint, I thought he said 2089..... :lol: :lol:

I'll say this week in Banjo Bowl.

The riders will go into Winnipeg and win in convincing fashion.

They will humble stamps letting everyone know that they are fo real.

BC will win a close one.

Was he talking about when RLR will grow up?

I am suprised he talks with you. Just maybe RLR it is time to rest my friend you seem a bit stressed and you are starting to hear voices. Its okay the nightmare will end and you can turn off the night light! :smiley:

While RLR is pondering the Lions’ magnificence, maybe he can come up with a reasonable explanation for not putting DD on the 9 game injured list, thereby taking his salary out of the cap calculation.

Not one of Wally’s finest moments…

The better question is, when will the Riders host a home playoff game? I've been asking myself that same question for 30+ years...

Funny, considering you're only 23...

Losing to Winnipeg this week will not affect the Riders much. They already are guaranteed a split and Winnipeg is not in their division!!!!!!!!! Just take care of home games against divisional opponents Riders and we will be hosting playoff games!!!!!!!!!! Yipee

Actually, I'm 73. I've been a lifelong Riders fan but suffered my first heart attack after all the losing seasons. My doctor prescribed me another medicine called 'BC Lions winning football'. It has suddenly cured everything. I feel young again.

That has to be the lamest post I’ve ever read… :roll:

Er, that was Dr. Kevorkian you went to see.....he was trying to kill ya, kid.

Why are we talking about your I.Q.?