When will the Riders roll come undone???

Im happy to report that the Riders are 3-0 in the second third(1/3) of this season, and have won 5 straight games.

Which team do you think has what it takes to stop the streak?


Winnipeg, this week.

Figured that'd be pretty obvious... :lol:

Back to back games are hard to sweep. I think Winnipeg will stop it this week.

...the 13th man effect....

The Riders secondary got embarrased by Glenn and the Bomber receivers. They need a hit like that to keep them honest. they may be getting a little "too" confident, so a little hit to the ego does a team some good. I like the swagger the team carries now. If any team will give the Riders another loss in the near future, it will be Winnipeg. It is hard to say, the Riders have a lot of fight in them, they will not go down easily.

To be honest (not joking) i think it will be Hamilton. ya... i know im crazy...

Memories of the 1-17 Ti-cat season... yep we were the 1.

Well in all seriousness I would like to see them only lose to the Stamps so keep it going until September 15.

If the Riders win in the Peg, it will be a big shock to me-- I dont think it will happen, Winnipeg will be more than ready to play this one, and the Riders might lose this one by 7+ pts.

Riders will stay on this roll until the last few games of the regular season and into the playoffs. Remember, playoffs is where they usually choke hard.

Could be cold and wet for the rematch in Wpg, anything can and usually does happen in those conditions.

Well, the 3 games the Riders are most likely to lose, are the Bomber rematch, one of the two in Calgary, or one of the Hamilton games (no, you aren't crazy, who ever said that earlier).
The toughest game will be the Bomber game--winning in Winnipeg for the Riders has been THE toughest thing to do, be it back-to-back or not.

looking forward to it anyway....

BC will romp the Riders in Saskatchewan again.

God has spoken....so I guess its another loss.

BTW thanks for the rain storm that caused Fleming to fumble ...eventually leading the Riders to beat Edm.

It was greatly appreciated your holyness

I don't think God likes the Riders very much to be quite honest.

You got that right Roar...
I talked to him last night before bedtime...
He said..Riders are evil...they must fall...
Go Bombers..

I think he said something about 1989, didn't he?


'Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye'

Ya he did…
He felt sorry for the Sask Riders…
He also said…
I made the sunshine, on a Dogs behind, in 89…