When..will the Media ask Ireland..why he hates the Cats....

Ref Ireland is one of the senior Reff's in the C.F.L.
When will someone in the Media have the 'GUTS' to ask him..why he calls ( or I should say ) does not make the calls against the Teams that play against the Cats. This has gone on and on for years...with this guy.
To-night against Montreal was no different...
Not 1 or 2 but 4 late hits on Maas ( 1 was spearing..helmet to the head ) by Montreal and NOT ONE CALL..Ireland.
Oh hell...I forgot..who would you complain too.
The one and only ( legend in his own mind ) George Black...
Watch the tape...it does not lie. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I did not even read your post, just the topic line and I would like to unequivocably state for the record that I hate Jake Ireland, have always hated Jake Ireland, and will continue to hate Jake Ireland for as long as the man shall live. And that is my right.

You'd think Ireland would have been on our side tonight with all the leprechauns running around.

Al McColeman will always be the zebra I most despise. Gerald Bess too. :wink:

Actually I have no complaints against Jake most nights. The majority of the complaints against him aren't his calls to make, he merely enforces the penalty already called by his crew and announces it.

I mean he's right up there with Kerry Frazer, on the bone head level like no bull..

You don't get anymore Irish..than my last name. Ireland has gotten away with calling bad games against the Cats for years...and nothing is ever done about it...it"s a dam shame that this "playing politic's" from this "senior ref" continues to go unchecked.. and nothing is done about it.


I love the Irish. They're a people that can claim pride for what they overcame in coming to Canada, but Jake Ireland I despise.

I am absolutly sick
of this guy calling the games

If enough people send enough e-mails...to Black's Office..with the Media knowing about it...then and only then...somebody may say something to Ireland.

What can you say? He's despicable.

you know who i am sick of, that french guy, i think his name is Andre Priloux (or something like that).

The refs are fine.