When will the CFL Hire Professional Referees

I am getting sick and tired of the arrogant and incompetent CFL referees.
This is just not an angry fan blowing up on a bad call against his team, but a FAN who is sickened by how bad these Wankers are!

Take any CFL game and you will see Coaches Challenge after Coaches Challenge being ruled to overturn the play. Especially on Pass Interference. Thank god the CFL was smart enough to allow replay on some penalty plays. But then that just tells me they know these guys are bad so they need to compensate.

But what is even worse than missing calls or making up Phantom calls is the arrogance and number of “Objectionable Conduct? calls being made for things said on the field. My god this is football and trash is part of playing the game. But then most of these officials were not good enough to play so they became officials. Clearly these officials do not understand the game and have their private ego agenda they are satisfying.

There are way too many penalty calls for frivolous acts.

Before any of you defenders of candy ass football jump in and say it is the Players who are at fault, my answer to you is … you have never played the game. You have never taken the hits, you have never been part of the on field culture. You do not know what it is like and the emotions of football rule how one plays. Many of you will never understand that, but those who do I am sure will agree with me.

There is a line and yes sometimes players cross that line, but the CFL and its officials need to make the line bigger and harder to cross as it is way to easy for the moronic refs to say the players crossed it!


Thank you
You have said it so correctly - part time employees have too much say in the CFL - and the line has to be bigger and larger

Sorry, I posted my comment in the middle of the OP comments ...... I usually defend the refs, it's a tough and very subjective job. This year they seem to be calling needless penalties for jawing back and fourth. That is part of the game and as long as it doesn't cross the line , family and race. Let it go, it's how the guys get fired up.
The ref's were embarrassing in the CGY SK game last wknd. Two phantom roughing calls on the Stamps, in the second half almost gift wrapped a SK win. I hope that crew is sat down and asked to explain themselves and hopefully learn from watching the video.

So, you signed up this morning just to rant, eh? I'm going to guess you're fan of the Lions, Eskies, Riders or Red Blacks as those teams lost this weekend and it had to be the officials' fault....after all, it couldn't have been the poor play of your favorite team that caused the loss.

There's too much in your post that's just pure hate and probably best to just ignore, but I will take issue with your "if you don't agree with me you suck and you never played football" garbage above...and it's not the first time I've seen that arrogant and self serving tripe POV here either so I suspect you may be a long term poster here who just didn't want to own up to the rant.

Regardless, I got news for ya pal, I played football from PW up to University (and coached HS after that) and I did take the hits (and have the scars and arthritis to prove it), and I understand the "on field culture" just as well if not better than you. I had too many selfish teammates like you too who loved to shoot off at the mouth and "trash talk" the guys on the other side of the line and it used to really P me off. Here I was, working my fanny off to make plays and help my team win and these clowns thought it was a better idea to get our opponent all riled up and cost us yardage....and they were usually the last guys on the team to make a tackle too.

Emotion is an important part of the game but it has to be controlled because the game is also a contest of strategy, skill, speed and performance under pressure so costing your team 10 completely avoidable yards is pure stupidity. And my real job has allowed me to stand on the sidelines for many CFL games and I can tell you first hand the majority of those OC calls ARE for "crossing the line" verbally and almost always involve the use of the "N" word or the claim that one player had nookie with another player's mother the night before and if you're OK with that sort of stuff then it's YOU that doesn't understand this great game.

The bottom line is that players ARE responsible for the vast majority of the penalties that get called. Refs ain't perfect but they don't miss tackles, they don't drop passes and they don't make ridiculous play calls that an Atom level coach wouldn't even try.

Thank you for the excellent retort! :thup:

While the officials do make the occasional mistake, more often than not, they get the calls correct. If you check against last year, they have called pretty much the same number - and by the end of last year, the players started playing better and lo and behold, the number of penalties went down. And we've seen that happening the last couple of weeks, at least with some teams. Give it time.

Another BS thread started by a brand new bogus account.

The officials are not perfect and never will be, but they have an extremely tough job and 98% of the time the call is RIGHT.

Slam that and have a nice day.

The CFL will hire professional Referees when the average fan is willing to spend $125 and up for a regular season ticket and we have more big time sponsors, until then we get the part time guys . You may not like it but I think they do an ok job . For what they get paid.

Perhaps the OP could provide a few dozen specific examples of penalties that should not have been called. Should be easy enough to do, given how bad he thinks the calls have been.

Until then, listening to the crickets chirping - and waiting for the next first time poster to complain about this same "problem".

yes I have. thank you very much! 8 years worth. also 5 years as a Football Referee.

Refereeing is a very difficult thing to do. it's not like a regular job.

The players penalized for simply trash talking must be saying or doing something that's expressly against the rules.

I'm pretty sure Simoni Lawrence wakes up trash talking his opponents and never shuts up during a game but one yet to see him take a penalty for it

Right. Macdonald admitted he'd been warned and that he used a "swear word". He was like a kid testing his boundaries and he reached them. Others just have a better sense of where they are.

And the new "boundaries" were no doubt decided upon by the rules committee, made up primarily of coaches and league guys, and then explained very clearly to the players, so all the officials are doing is enforcing the rules....which is what they're paid (poorly) to do. It's not like the refs woke up this year and decided to "clean up" the game all of a sudden and it's why when I see some poster rant about the officials being on some sort of "ego trip" I just tune out....it's just stupid...

Personally not a fan of the recent spate of "objectionable conduct" penalties, especially like the one on Brandon McDonald that pretty much cost his team a game and cost him his livelihood (as he was released on Monday). This is not a boy scout jamboree. Trash talk and swear words have always existed. It's largely part of the culture. Now, if you spit, toss a football at, or 'show someone up' - that's something else entirely. 15 yard penalty for sure!

That said, don't take it out on the officials. They're just enforcing the rules. Talk to Glen Johnson, the Commissioner, and the Board Of Governors if you don't like the rules.

8 games in and he'd taken 10 penalties. That one cost them momentum and gave the Argosa first down rather than punting. He'd been talked to numerous times about controlling himself and he still chose to do something so easily not done that cost his team dearly. An accidental facemask or questionable hit to the QB is one thing, choosing to open your mouth and let words come out of it after the play is over is just stupidity

Specially when they have been told "hey this is going to be called" and you know, it's been called. And then they go out an ddo it again and wonder why it gets called.