When will Manziel start his first game?

When will Manziel start his first game?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny says August 3 VS the Ticats. He can't start this Thursday July 26. It's impossible. Realistically, he should start August 11, but the Als will rush things to get him on the field.

He will start his first game August 3rd against the Ticats!

May depend on how he picks up the playbook.

Could perhaps have a "rotating series" situation with Schiltz against Hamilton if necessary

Against Hamilton. No way they hold him out of starting that game.

August 3rd would be the best . Gives sometime to learn the plays and then unleash him and see what he can do with a series of plays designed for his attributes .

Even if he fails the first half let him get his feet on the ground and fight it out .

Nothing like a sink or swim moment . Creates good drama .

Five practices to learn a playbook isn't a lot but that's one of the big problems with the CFL. With so little practice time the only guy you can give reps to is the guy starting the next game. Even if they said we'll give him a month to learn and practice with this receivers, they can't throw Willy out there cold for a month while they practice the next guy.

Sink or Swim...

Do we know if he will even dress for tomorrow?

In Hamilton, June Jones as asked by a reporter, I think after regular season game #2 (i.e. after a full training camp, and two pre-season games as well), where Manziel was in terms of his knowledge of the offence, and Jones said that Manziel was learning, but nowhere near where he had to be yet to start.

If the Als start Manziel against Edmonton, the playbook will be VERY limited, which will result in Edmonton easily countering what Montreal runs/jeopardizing Maniel's confidence/safety, and making Manziel look bad to Als fans.

The best plan is to start Shiltz against Edmonton, and insert Manziel in for five or six series, giving Manziel his own package of 20 or so different plays, then to start Manziel against Hamilton, and insert Shiltz into that game periodically to let Manziel continue learning/getting feedback from Khari Jones on how the offence should be run.

Even if that happens, it is a big ask to start a QB less than two weeks after seeing his new team's playbook for the first time.

What you are all saying may be true. But it doesn’t matter if you know the playbook if you can’t implement the play. JF is at his best when the plays breakdown. The bigger field gives him more room to extend plays and if his receivers respond accordingly he will find them and he will hit them accurately on the run. He did it several times in the preseason games.

If you watch JF’s highlight tapes from both college and the Browns you will see him breaking free and then making the play. If they stay with the receivers then he will run. It is very similar to what Russel Wilson does. NFL coaches don’t like it and both Wilson and Manziel have taken criticism for not sticking in the pocket. Wilson has been told you can’t play in the NFL like that. Two super bowl appearances still don’t silence the critics. I think Manziel will find more support in the CFL. Especially with Sherman.

For his benefit, I voted for the Ottawa game so he has some time to get comfortable with the offense and learn some other packages but selfishly I would welcome him starting against the Cats. I don't think it'll work out too well for him in that scenario.

You may be right. Don’t know if the Als’ defense can put enough pressure on Masoli to make it a game. The Cats have a lot of Motivation to beat the Als if JF starts. It would be devastating for them to lose to him. Even so, JF needs to start playing. Even if he splits time with Adams it would be better than continuing to sit. He needs to get his feet wet and start getting up to speed. The sooner he starts the sooner we will see the real JF.

That is all negated by a faster Defensive line, LB with the speed of Free safeties, Ends that are really linebackers in your universe.

Didn't you see Adams chased down by a DT last night ?

There hasn't been an effective dual treat QB in this league since Doug Flutie and Damon Allen's prime. that is over two decades ago. The CFL is a very fast league with unlimited motion. Manziel's success will have to be earned via his passing game.

August 3rd vs the Ti-Cats.

He can't be worse than what Adams was last night.

I think he could. Adams at least gave them a spark every here and there.

Hamilton and Montreal will see what Johnny can do simultaneously.
It will be a well scripted playbook, but Johnny will play Friday.
I'm expecting closed practices again this week.


Do you have any idea why the practises have been closed?

Wasn't there a security issue in Olympic Stadium that made the practices closed? It has nothing to do with Manziel.

I will tell you after the resident expert has his say

Why aren`t they using the outdoor field they used for training camp? Is it being used for something else?

Yeah there is some soccer thing going on

That and the heat