When will Macocia be fired?

My guess: tomorrow Monday, 11 AM, Edmonton time

I'll be very surprised to not see something change in Edmonton after the loss to Hamilton that was a golden opporutinty to close in on Sask and Winnipeg for one of the last playoff spots, but they lost it. I always love watching Edmonton make changes and fire people due to the high requirement of nothing less than winning. Losers always get fired in Edmonton, so Macocia has got to go plain and simple it's the Edmonton way of life.

We've seen horrible play calling from him that's cost him wins against BC and Winnipeg, the works. Fire him already the record is 4-8 the season is nearly and realistically lost and you just lost to the 2006 Hamilton Ticats possibly the worst team in CFL history. What more does the guy have to do wrong to get fired from the city of champions?

We'll have to wait and see what Huey has to say!

If there were any justice Cant-coach-a would have been fired weeks ago.

My girlfriend says Macocia looks like a chipmunk, especially when he's chewing on his gum at a high rate of speed!

I like Machocia! Should have been Coach of the year last year for winning the Grey Cup. I hope Huey signs him to a ten year contract. :wink: :wink:

Actually you guys should include Lancaster Junior. I've never been a big fan of his, and I bet the Ti-cat and Bomber posters would agree with that too!

I have a feeling there will be a major housecleaning this offseason, esp. in the coaching/admin dept.

I like DM as the head coach of the EDMONTON ESKIMOS. No need to fire him. Give him a contract extension and a big raise.

It's just one season. I know you have a streak going, but if you're going to fire a coach that brought EE to win the cup last year, why not gut the whole team, too?

Not only should they keep Disco Danny, but they should bring Paopao in as a consultant! :twisted:

And Shivers as their PR spokesperson

And Ted White as backup QB.

Now it's just getting silly..............

You're right Mad Jack, far too silly,



why fire a coach of the year? :stuck_out_tongue:

He have till season end. Then be Caned..

Off to Hamilton to be Our QB Coach

Knowing Huey's practice, Machioca will have his job till the end of the year. He may have it next year if the Esks finish off the year strong. IF the Esks fizzle out, probably major changes will occur.

Wonder what Bryan Hall had to say after this setback? He's been eating alot of crow this year; looks good on him!

'Unreal riders' - you mean 4 and 9! And it looks good on them, too.

I just read the Edmonton Journal column and the writer was scathing the Esks. He called the Eskimo fans 'patient'. What the...?? Who the...?

I don't think he knows the meaning of patience.
I've been waiting 34 years to point my finger at the Eskimos and laugh histarically. And I'm doing it today. Now THAT'S patience!

I suggest you wait a little longer.
They are not done yet!

Put a fork in them there done. :lol:

The magic number to prevent a crossover is 3
Any combination of bomber wins and EE loses totaling 3 and there is no crossover.

The number for EE to be out of the playoffs is 4 Any combo of SSK wins and EE loses totaling 4 will end their playoff hopes

Its far from done