When will Jabari Arthur Play?


...not for a bit, he broke his foot in Preseason and recently returned to the practice field only to injure it again...

....seems his foot is better now and will play for the Bombers shortly....thanx... :thup:

in the short term i think cgy got the better deal...good luck with ryan btw...he stinks lol

you were right ryan really stinks :wink: man the kids got wheels and made some nice grabs today! you guys got a good one in bryant too, he is awesome when hes motivated... odel willis has been a beast up front for us too... i think this trade is good both ways. good luck in the playoffs stamps fans! :rockin:

well he fumbled once a game in calgary so just wait till that catches up but hopefully he keeps it up for you...and i love how we are so deep at dline that we can trade away a tank like willis and not take a hit at the role...

adarius bowman has fumbled several times this year... but im pretty sure were going to hold onto him! lol and hey maybe ryan will work out maybe not... early signs are good... and yea i was surprised to see you didnt miss a beat.. willis had what, six sacks at the time of the trade? not to shabby. and both teams are pretty solid on the d-line now

agreed i like how it was willis that took porters season away LOL that was such a huge hit lol...and again i hope that all he had was rookie nerves here in calgary and works out for you for the future...but im ok with bryant as of now LOL i was kinda hoping it was cornish we traded to you guys LOL i cant stand that guy