When will it happen ?

Although our defence does not want to allow the all time passing record be broken in our house. I think Monday night we will see Damon Allen make some history. My question is when do you think it will happen? (he needs 165 yards)I'm guessing in the 3 rd quarter with approx. 8 minutes left. Anyone eles wanna guess?

I say it happens within 12minutes of the opening kickoff

Let it happen at Rogers Centre: not in our house!

the better question is, how long will it take for someone more deserving to claim the record.

I like this ... I'll guess he will BREAK the record with UNDER 3 minutes remaining in the First Half.


P.S - As far as DESERVING goes ... I do not want to meet the person who could find the energy to BESMIRCH a man like Damon Allen.

Damon played for Hamilton he waas terrible...coudn't wait for him to get out of town...the more things change the more they stay the same. His longevity is what is amazing. He only had a few really great years. Twenty mediocure years can add up to a lot of yards

Quickie ?

Can wine be made from sour grapes?

of course.