When will Infrastructure Ontario be releasing information?

Since IWS version 1.0 is being demolished in a couple of months, when will we FINALLY be getting some information about what 2.0 will look like?

As both a taxpayer (in this city) and fan of the Ticats, I think I have a right to know. It's all about accountability after all.b They are going to be spending our money not theirs.

and if you have been following the "Stadium thread" you will know that it's SEPTBEMBER 26th

Reading through 768 pages does sound real fun but I think ill skip that for a rainy day...

I bet 750 pages of that is rumours and gosip also! :lol:

But that could be more interesting than discussing how our Cats lost yet another game. :wink:

The stadium info will be great but I'll take a few wins in a row and a further delay of stadium info to be quite honest.

Maybe they’re waiting to see if the padded budget has enough to blow up and rebuild the team within a year, along with the stadium.

Gotta admit, sweet line there Captain. :thup:

Oops! maybe it won't be tomorrow, :roll:

[url=http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocalGeneral/Story.aspx?ID=1780459]http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/New ... ID=1780459[/url]

For anyone who doesn't want to check the link....it's October 12th for the release of the plans. Completion date July 1st 2014.
Still no word on where we will play in 2013.

Thanks mr62cats. Personally, I'm more interested at this juncture in where we will play the 2013 season .
I understand that several games are slotted for London and after that everything appears rather hazy.

Rocky,where did you hear that?