When Will Burris Get Hurt?

Every single QB has been hurt in the last two seasons other than Henry Burris.. Many have been hurt twice. Coloros, Willy, Lulay,Durant have all been hurt twice. Glen, Reilly, Mitchell,Ray,Lefevor, Crompton, Kato, all have also been hurt. I think Harris and Burris are the only two QBs who have not been hurt in the last two years. Must be because their names end in IS. LOL

most asinine topic title.

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Burris has been pretty durable throughout his career. It's been an unfortunate year.

Not really surprise Negative Nancy Bungle started this thread either. You must have an enjoyable life when you constantly pick out the negative in every thing.

Its a legit question FYB. There are only 9 teams and 11 QBs have gone down this season if you include Ray. Last season was almost as bad.

Ray, Crompton, Lefevor, Kato, Colloraros, Willy, Durrant, Glen, Reilly, Lulay, Beck

Mitchell will be hittin the turf soon, with Tate sure to follow.. Calgary cant possibly not choke two years in a row. If I was Calgary, I wouldn't give a flying F about hosting the West Final.. I'd be sending Tate out to the slaughter now, before Mitchell gets hurt.. Finishing first and hosting the West Final has proven to be a curse for decades now.

Now you are predicting injuries?

How have you managed to not get banned from this forum? :expressionless:
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