When will Bart be fired?

Just wondering what everybody thinks, will Bart be fired this season, perhaps in the next 4-5 weeks? What a bout after tonights blow out at the hands of the BC Lions? I see a blow out in favor of BC arounf 55- 13, it will be embarrassing. I would fire him today, if not sooner, mind you I would never have hired his sorry ass, or his sorry ass asst`s.

It breaks my heart to see my Argos becoming a joke. I wonder if the Gliebermans are available, we could sure use them. :rockin:

Well the Glieberguys would at least be entertaining, in a Mike Kelly-ish kind of way. . . which is more than we can say for Toronto's offence this season. . . watching paint dry is more exciting.

If Andrus doesn't pick up at least one win in the next three games, he's gone IMO. Anything short of that and I think they'll stick with him.

The problem with the Argonauts is that there is no one problem that can be easily fixed in order for the team to become competitive again. Firing Andrus mid-season isn't going to change anything.

The Argos are going through as many Coaches as Winnepeg has the last few years.

I think you need to look higher up in the organization. I'd put the blame on Adam Rita and Greg Mohns. The have either:

(a) Not signed/drafted/traded for good quality players


(b) Have not signed very good Coaches.

Other than Pinball, look at all the Coaches that have failled in Toronto.

I'd lean towards (a).

If they can't give a coach decent players to work with, it's hard to get a read on how good (or otherwise) said coach might be.

It's like what the new defensive coordinator, Nelson, in Winnipeg said in the offseason when Kelly hired him; the interviewer was asking Nelson about his US college record, which was really good one year in terms of wins and losses, and really poor another year, and Nelson's reply was something to the effect of "I coach good players a lot better than I coach bad players."

The Argos aren't going to fire Andrus anytime soon. He has a three contract and they're already paying Stubler for not coaching.
He hasn't quite gone by the CFL book in some conditions but hopefully he will be a quick learner.

I think an experienced CFL coach like Wally Buono would have run the ball somehow on the 2nd and 2 late if the 4th quarter, to eat up the clock while making a first down. Also go with an extra DB when the Lions were driving late in the 4th quarter.

What ever happened to bringing in two TE's (OT's) on short yardage. I can remember the Argos using that against Don Mathews (bring the house) defense quite successfully and they didn't have the bruisers in the backfield like Robertson and Payton.
Another play that used to work wonderfully well would have been a fake quick hitter to Payton and the have Pickett run the end with Roberstson with him for a laterial if needed.
Bart said when hired he was licking his chops at all the possibilities he could do with the wide CFL etc. etc.
Well except for a few trick plays all we've seen is the dumb NFL style offense IMO. Time to start using your imagination Bart.

Bart will be flipping burgers at a McDonalds near you soon

I think the Argos have to stick this one out.... :oops: No quick fixes there. As for changing the quarterback....no quick fix there either. Also, glad to see Byron Parker back, we need his speed and great ability for intercepting the ball. :smiley:

Boxergirl said it... No quick fixes. They have had 3 head coaches in the past 1 1/2 seasons & need to stick with someone for a while. I think that Coach needs to change up some of his staff for some guys with CFL experience... Damon Allen is always hanging around. Hand him a clip board & let him see what he can do with the QB/offensive situation. :cowboy:

Not sure the assistant coaches are the reason to blame here. The defense is playing great, the o-line is improving, the receiving core is getting stable…what coach do you let go & who do you replace him with? These guys are getting more CFL experience every game. Interesting point regarding D.A. though. I know Andrus was interesting in Dave Dickenson as a coach, but Dickenson likes western Canada.

All of a sudden people want to re write the rules??? Hiring a CFL HC without CFL experience has been done umpteen times and was never successful until Mark Tressman. Because 1 time in the history of the CFL it worked, that means the old rule is now nullified??

The situation in Montreal with Tressman was like no other, he did NOT have the right to hire his assts, he was carefully guided through his transition in to the CFL.

Bart on the other hand made the ridiculous statement that "" Football is football"" That was the red flag right there, Adam Rita advised him to hire assts with CFL experience but he said he knew better.

Its a joke.

The defence is good. . . maybe not great, but good. . . but they're on the field too darn much which is why they tend to wilt in the fourth quarters. . .

Now the offence. . . good running back. . . the receiving corps (geez people get it right) is improving from what it was. . . the offensive line has played much better the past two games than they had been (they like Pickett and had a problem with Joseph?).

So. . . what's the problem?

The problem is that the offensive game plan is boring, tedious, and predictable. Andrus was touted as some innovative offensive genius. . . well I sure haven't seen any of that yet. . . he reminds me more and more of Kay Stephenson, who came up here years ago and tried to run an NFL offence in the CFL. . . and learned that it simply doesn't work.

I don't forsee Mike Kelly garnering any Coach of the Year votes this year. His qb evaluation talent is lacking.(see the Stefon LeFors situation).

What does Kelly have to do with the situation in Toronto? I do not mind criticism of Kelly, you may well be right on him, but I fail to see what it has to do with this thread? Every time a HC was brought in to the CFL that has had zero CFL experience, it has been a utter disaster with 1 exception.

I can forgive the growing pains of a rookie CFL head coach, but what is truly unforgivable is that Andus just doesn't seem to be a very bright football mind. Forget talent, execution, and details: his schemes and formations to this point have mostly been dull, predictable, and easily defended. Worse, I don't get any sense of an offensive identity when the Argos have the ball. It feels like every play is just a hope and a prayer that somebody gets open on his own. There doesn't seem to be any overall strategy, just piecemeal tactics.

I believe one of the reasons Andrus took the job was because he was allowed to hire his own staff. He hired coaches that he knew & that he was comfortable working with. By the time Andrus was hired in February, all the good assistant coaches with CFL experience had been hired elsewhere.

I just found it ironic that you think it is a joke when the situation in Winnipeg has more than it's share of problems with a staff that has CFL experience.

You have a point that there have been quite a few American coaches who have bombed in the CFL for what ever reason. Lack of who cam into the league with no CFL experience and did ok. How to manage rules, clock and import ratio seems to be the biggest hurdle.CFL experience maybe one reason, just bad coaches maybe the main reason.
But I can think of some successful coaches like Jim Trimble, Perry Moss, Marv levy and Leo Cahill

I was not refering to ""American Coaches"" but coaches dropped into the CFL without first being an assistant or holding some other job in the CFL first.

Loved Leo Cahill, spoke to him on a couple occasions over the years in bars, Argo pre game. Leo is a great guy and will stop and talk to anybody that he happens upon. Yes Marv was in Montreal, for sure. I could not honestly tell you that all 4 of those guys became HC in the CFL without first being an asst, or holding some position within the CFL? I would take your word on that, I doubt that was the way for all 4 of them??

At any rate I am talking modern history, and to the best of my knowledge there is only 1 in recent memory that has had success and that is Tressman in Montreal....And he did not have a free hand!!!!

But remember this...we are talking about the Argos who have made 1 terrible mistake after another, they should have taken examples from other recent dipstick owners. They should have asked for some advice around the CFL before they did this. Hey, Adam Rita is on record as saying the HC should not have hired assts without CFL experience,

For continuity sake, we have to give him one year and with the requirement how the team and Andrus must hire an experienced CFL offensive coordinator for next year and while we are at it, like some other teams especially the Cats, a QB coach is also crucial.
If Matt Dunigan was ever thinking of coming back he would be perfect, but he has a great gig on TV and why would anyone blow it up.

We are stuck with Bart; this is as good as it gets this year. It would be crazy to let him go this year. Argos management will put us thru a lot more growing pains this year. If he can't adapt to the CFL in year two, then I am sure they will cut the cord. I am just happy they brought back some players from last year. As for not making the decission to kick a FG against Calgary, what was he thinking :? I really hope the past few years don't hurt the Argos, they have worked really hard to get attendance up, recruit women, young/old people, viewers, what have you...but poor decissions are hurting the team.