When will Argos cut Ricky Fooley?

[i]Can you believe the Argos and their head coach Scotch Milanotwitch? How can they keep that Ricky Fooley?

Ricky Fooley is the most overrated National player of the last 15 years! He is serviceable at best, and once in a blue moon, he is slightly better than adequate. Being Area-51s favorite player does not mean he should stay on the roster.

Milanotwitch is in over his head! [/i]

I sure wish the Riders had cut him before he careered me during that game in Regina.

AC Calvillo

That must've been when you were a Rider fan a few years back before your little Bro got traded to the Argos and you decided to become an Argo fan instead of a Rider fan. Thank God little Ricky never became a Ti-Cat because I couldn't stomach a guy like you actually jumping on the bandwagon and cheering for my team. At least #95 decided to actually show up and play some football last game after obviously taking the night off at the Argos home opener. :stuck_out_tongue:

[i]Johnny fixed it for you.

The only hall Fooley will see, is the entrance to the Canadian Tire he will work in 2 years from now. [/i]

But Bobo wants Johnny to become a Ticat Fan! Bobo is always asking Johnny to cross over to the dark side :smiley:

WTH would the Argonauts cut Foley? He's one of the leaders on the team.

Ricky Fooley still plays?

Shouldnt be long now until Foley is shown the door, especially now that Lemon is on the roster.