When will Anderson get the start?

Anyone know if T. Anderson is actually hurt or do you think he'll get a chance to play now that Alston is gone?

I had high hopes for him when he got traded here...

I would have to think that he will step right in to the starting line-up.

Someone will be taking Alstons starting spot.

My question is how does a guy go from starting week 1 to released??

Was there not a practice roster spot available?

He would have been released if they just didn't want him anymore, or they anted to put him on the practice roster and he asked for his release.

I think Anderson is on the Injured List......does anyone know if this is just a 'holding place' for him or if he's actually hurt?

I know he was mildly hurt in Rider camp but I think it was like a hammy pull or something minor.

I hope he gets the start. And hopefully Maas can get the ball to more receivers than just Lumsden!

Re: Anderson - I suspect he was knicked up enough to justify (to the league) putting him on injured reserve, thus saving an open spot on the practice roster. I think it's highly likely he'll be ready to start Saturday.

Re: Alston - There's only room for 7 on the practice roster, and the addition of Sam Young filled that. Also, I think (not positive) that a player removed from the roster has to clear waivers before they can added to the practice roster.

You're correct about the waivers thing...