When will 2022 Season Schedule be Released?

Just wondering when it will be released so I can plan holidays around Argo games out West.

Someone previously posted that the usual release date is in February so I would go with that unless they say otherwise.

New CBA has to be signed first before a season can be played… according to TSN

While true, that has no bearing on building and releasing a season schedule.

To answer the main question: Very soon! In December. We've sped up the process considerably.


What I hope is a full 18 game season pretty please

The CFL released a schedule last year at this time...knowing it would likely not occur...don't see why they can't this year

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Well CBA signed first then I see a season schedule released..

I can positively confirm that a new CBA being signed is not necessary for a schedule to be released. :slight_smile:


Other years a schedule has come out before a CBA.... like the year the new CBA was reached in the 11th hour

Well because if a CBa is not signed it. Could be a lock out which means no season

For sure, a season might not be played due to a CBA dispute - but that has and never will stop a season schedule from being released to the public.

If there is one I say prob released next month in january…

Alouette President Mario Cecchini said last week that there already has been multiple drafts of the upcoming 2022 schedule, and that the final revision hopefully will be settled and then released to the public before Christmas.

Would make sense as the holiday season is the time when people are more willing to spend money to buy season tickets.

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I believe the schedule had been released around this time (near the holidays) since Ambrosie has been commish.

We don't even know what date the Grey Cup is yet.

Go Argos 2022 and Beyond.

The Grey Cup is scheduled for November 20, 2022 (Reference). If the schedule is again 21 weeks long, the season should start around Thursday, June 9, 2022.

If Sully says it's going to be released soon, we'd better believe that. I'm looking forward to seeing it and seeing when the Touchdown Atlantic is going to take place.

Has that been confirmed yet (Grey Cup date).

Not a big fan of the date. But livable and should not be any earlier than that.

It's on the Roughriders' website (reference above), so I'd take that as confirmed. The date is in line with previously scheduled Grey Cups for an 18-game season.

So much for pairing up with the Vanier Cup.

U Sports won't release their schedule until spring at the earliest but I will bet the Vanier Cup would take place around November 26th.

For Ambrosie wanting to pair up the two finals moving up the season a week didn't make sense.

Unless that's off the table now.

Can you confirm that the 2022 schedule will include the Toronto Argonauts?