When were we a good team (last)

I was curious as to when the Cats had a good season (by their standards). To find that magical time you have to go all the way back to 2001 when the Cats roared to an 11-7 record. Besides that, since the new millenium, we have posted the following records:

7-10 (2000)
6-12 (2012)

W: 82 L:150

How many wins this season? I predict 3.

I think we were a good team in 2010, we lost a lot of close games that year. I think we could have been 13 and 5 or better if we could have gotten a few lucky bounces.
I know we lost a lot of close games in 2011 and 12 but 2010 felt like we were so close to getting to the next step until we fired M.B....Just my thoughts.

We were 9-9 in 2000 and 9-8-1 in 2004... you didn't think you'd actually get away with writing a record of 7-10 did you? :smiley:

Wait a second though... does 9-8-1 count as a winning season??? Afterall, its one point better than 9-9. All hail the 2004 Hamilton Tiger-Cats... bring back Greg Marshall!

In 1998 and 1999 this was a very good football team...It was a good football team in '00 and '01...

Since then,mediocre has been the best we can do...

I hate to say this but in reality this team has been for the most part in the wilderness going back to 1990.Outside of 5 seasons(92-11-7,98-12-5-1,99-11-7,01-11-7,04-9-8-1)This team has had 15 seasons of under .500 ball and 3 seasons at .500.During this time span we have seen season records that range from 1-17(03),2-16(97),3-15(91,07,08),4-14(94,06),5-13(05),6-12(90,93,12)7-11(02),8-10(95,96,11).Before 1990 this team since 1950 only missed the play-offs 3 times(60,73,77)Since 1990 they have missed the play-offs 11 times(90,91,94,97,02,03,05,06,07,08,12).1950-89-16 Grey cup appearances(53,57,58,59.61,62,63,64,65,67,72,80,84,85,86,89) 8 Championships (53,57,63,65,67,72,86,99)Since 1990 2 grey cup appearances(98,99)1 Championship(99)As a life long fan of this team of over 40 years,you can see how this once power house and corner stone of this league has fallen in the past 23 years.In closing you can see that this team pre Bob Young has had little to no sucess,If it wasnt for BOB we might not even have a team,lets stick together and hopefully things will finally work out our way :lol: :frowning: :?

I would say the 2010 season was the last time the Tiger Cats were good. Their record was 9-9, which is avg, but they were a lot better than their record that year and lost a lot of close games and a lot of bad luck with officiating. They were 9-9, but they totally outscored their opposition and probably were worthy of an12-6 record. The last season they were 6-12, maybe not as bad as their record, but they weren’t a good team. The 2010 team was good.

Ah yes but i we were predcteds to be much in each of those years :slight_smile:

We were a good team that made the eastern finals two years ago. then for some unknown reason the coach was fired and many things were changed, then what? the next coach was fired, more changes were made, and the team is worse off. I have had it with being optimistic. the team is going backwards.

I hope that for stability's sake, regardless of whatever the W-L record ends up being this season (yes even if it ends up 0-18)that the coaching staff is left intact.

Yeah, I like Austin too and it doesn't matter how great of a coach you are you can't change a turnip into a diamond (although Ron Lancaster did!!) :rockin:

Actually, we were a pretty good team when Lancaster took over, despite the 2-16 record. Our defense was awesome, among the best we've ever had. Lancaster even brought back Sutherin, the head coach at the beginning of that year, as the defensive coordinator.
If our o-line hadn't been about as effective as laying a wet towel over the line of scrimmage then I do believe we'd have contended for the cup. The next year we overhauled the o-line and brought in a QB who, to be honest, didn't really need one and the rest is history.

Lancaster came in with a solid foundation to work from and brought the few extra tools this team desperately needed along with him. After we won the cup we pulled the rug from under him and went 1-17 with him at the helm. The same foundation hasn't existed for any of these coaches since, they've all just taken over bad teams.

1997 points against 549 avg. per game 30.5 10 games with 30 or more points against,demolished 46-3 by Argos on labour day,2-16 season.1998 points against 351 avg. per game 19.5 8 games with under 14 points against or less,defeated Argos 26-7 on labour day 12-5-1 season Grey cup finalists,without a doubt the greatest one season turn around in league history,capped off with our last grey cup the following season.Its been downhill ever since,Lancaster was our last good coach,lets stick with Austin give this guy a chance,who knows history could repeat itself!! :thup: :thup:

This team HAS to stick with Kent Austin. He has proved that he is capable of taking a team to the Grey Cup and he is a straight up football guy. He has a nose for what's right.
The way the team is shaping up so far does not look very promising so I'd say he will need more than one season to come up a winner.
Until then all we can do is hang in while things get turned around.
I have been doing that since 1961.Things seem to go in cycles. Our time is coming. :thup: