when were on there 20-30 yard line, we need TDS not FGS

We were on there 20 or 30 yard line I don't know how many times, but all we could get was FG, not TDS... we only got 2 tds and we had way more chances to get more..

don't worry about it. we pushed both saskatchewan and calgary up against the wall with our 4th string qb who has been out of football for 2 years. he's going to get better every game and we'll finish the job the next time we get our paws on'em.

Well.. im not blaming printers... I like him, and he will only get better, im just saying we need to capitalize on those plays, you know what, whatever, screw this post, your completely right greatmysticbushape.

no way I'm right - we're all just batting the bull and enjoying the chance to gab about the Lions. We'll get there - it'll be sweeter when we do because we had to work for it.