When was the last time...

... you guys had a quarterback you never tried to run out of town???

insert remarks here QB bashers

What is all this RUN OUT OF TOWN crap ?

Danny Mac was not part of the FUTURE ...

Maas is CLEARLY not performing as the QB he was brought here to be ... for WHATEVER REASON ... some suggest INJURY ... some suggest coaching ... doesn't matter ... unless you are going to trade him Maas is here for the DURATION of his contract ... there is NOTHING to be gained where Maas is concerned ... many of these players will NOT BE BACK next season ... LETS FIND OUT NOW.

the BIG PICTURE says - GIVEN this SEASON is LOST ... lets get a good read on what we have on the BENCH ... determine if they DESERVE to be at TC next season ...

then next season, you let Maas duke it out all over again with WHOEVER else is in camp.


I see where it may seem like that but personally, most of my years as a Ticats fan since the early 70’s have been watching this team suffer through bad quarterbacking development…

I watched Joe Zuger go downhill with no credible replacement until the miraculous Chuck Ealey came out of nowhere and set the league on fire in 1972…but again, we went downhill again after that as far as development is concerned…yes, we had the odd good year out of QB’s such as Mike Kerrigan, Ken Hobart and Danny Mac in 1998, 1999 but still, nothing long term that we could count on to build a dynasty around …and again, certainly never any development to replace the starter or develop a credible #2 in a smooth transition like other great teams have done…it’s always been a frustrating thing for me to see the amount of good QB’s that we send to the sidelines to rot away…it’s been the plague of this franchise for decades…

I hope it ends soon and we see a good quarterback development program we can be proud of like Edmonton seems to have always had…

I can’t speak to the QB situation before the seventies as I was still playing with my Tonka Toys, Slinky and Legos then… :lol:

Joe Zuger

October 15, 1962 JOE ZUGER throws for a League record eight touchdowns as Hamilton defeats Saskatchewan 67-21.
Actually... I remember my Dad and Uncle talking about him when I was a little kid, so the the Ti-Cat fans probably tried to do the same thing back then as well.

Dang Mikey, you beat me to it.

No eskimo has it right . Hamilton fans are the Kings of running or trying to run QBS out of here . From Clements to Damon Allen to Kerrigans to Danny Mac to now Maas most fans bash, bash, bash and I dont see it changing anytime soon .

Thanks for reminding me about Tom Clements too…

but really, the reason we’re always in a situation of “now or never” with our QB’s is that we leave ourselves open to the “desperation” factor…it’s a case of all our eggs in one basket and we never seem to develop the next guy properly …I don’t know why, but it is what it is…and it’s systemic it seems in Hamilton because it’s nothing new and is known league wide…

I really hope it changes soon…we’ll be better if it does…

You keep saying that all the time . I would say Montreal does the same and Calgary , Argos .....

The secret is to spend only one year as a starter. I don't think there was an organized movement to get rid of Dieter Brock - that was more his decision to go to the NFL and become a laughing stock.

Everyone seemed to love Ken Hobart in 1985, and after that he didn't start much so no one really complained about him. Kerrigan won us a Cup but then made the mistake of coming back the next year, so the fans got on him.

As for Damon Allen - another one-year wonder - it was only on this board that I heard, for the first time, that fans were trying to "run him out of town." We had some pretty bad years before he arrived, and then a winning record the year he played here. I don't recall any booing of the type DMAC endured. Anyway, I always thought he left because the owners didn't want to pay him anymore, but now people like to include him in the "running out of town" list because it suits their argument.

(As an aside, fans do not run anyone out of town. Those decisions are made by coaches, GMs and possibly owners. There is no "posse" or vigilante mob that ties up unpopular QBs and drops them at the city limits. At least not that I'm aware of.)

Good point. :thup:

Surely no-one is comparing Maas to Zuger, Ealey, Clements etc???
These guys were proven QB’s who could do it all…unlike Maas who has compiled a 13 game record of the most atrocious football ever played by any QB anywhere in pro football that I can recall.
THIS is the problem now. Not some supposed historical Tiger-Cat jinx.

you guys also forgot RL said he didn't think Anthony had what it takes to be a cfl qb, but has done alright in Montreal.........


Eskimoebiledude has scouted our fans well!
I met Bernie Falonie at the Grey Cup in 96.He told me "alot of people weren't happy with me here in my last years ,they wanted me to stop playing" or close to that.

He was traded to Montreal for Etchevary.Bernie refused to go there with his family here.

Joe Zuger won the Grey Cup in one of his last years ,alot of the victory was on his shoulders and boot.
First game the next year he was Boooooed by the gracious fans of Hamilton,I was there.

We all remember Calvillio's running of the fans (Bulls)here in Hamilton,not pretty.

Chuck Ealy is one exception,as he won the Grey Cup in his first year ,next year at some point he was in Toronto,don't recall why?

Patience is a word that isn't taught in Hamilton schools.
QB's have a target on their backs I agree.

We've all suffered long enough with many bad years of Football in this past decade,but we really are critical fans ,all fans are but somehow we seem to Eat em Raw more and they end up out of town whether they play QB or wide reciever.

Eat em Raw!


Actually Chuck Ealey was traded to Winnipeg for Don Jonas.