When was the last time we had a Defense to be proud of?

Last night baby!!!!

Let's all give it up for the D, great game, a few bad downs, but other than that, did a great job of slowing down that highpowered peg offense.

And the best part?

these guys are almost all in that 24-26 year old range.

97-2000. That group was amazing.

Defense did play great but Winnipeg had alot of dropped balls. Kinda looked like our receivers.

I must say only player I'm iffy on right now is Roberts. The rest seem to be jelling nicely now.

I was really happy with our Defence specially Zeke wipping off the hit on roberts it is about time they should that type of intensity I wish we had a chance at the Playoffs cus a east division final with the Peg and hamilton would be good and bloody just like back in 92


I was proud of our "D" .

I enjoyed the game because the D was in there all game!!!

Hello Hamilton,
Nobody in Winnipeg is gloating over the "win" last night. In fact, it is being described as an UGLY win. Let me quote defensive tackle Doug Brown (Winnipeg Blue Bombers). This quote appreared in the sports section of the Winnipeg Free Press today. "Hey, that team is improving and I'm glad that's the last time we play them this year because because they're getting better and better all the time and when Casey Printers returns, they're going to be a force". Pretty good compliment I should think from an opposing team member. You guys did a good job last night and it should be considered an eye opener for Winnipeg if they want the Grey Cup. I wouldn't take anything away from Williams either. Glenn threw a couple of interceptions that certainly helped your team and Stegall missed a few passes as well. Good luck in next weeks game

We need our Db's too stand up. Steinauer, Carter, Hitchcock man they were good. Remeber the Line with Chetwood, Montford and Philbrick. Who was the other tackle. We are far from that line but with Kieth we can start building up. I'm actually pleased with O'Neil this week. Maybe we hold on to him.

I think the other tackle was Mike Campbell. Tiggle at middle linebacker was great too. Ahhh those were the days :smiley: