When was the last sellout at Ivor Wynne?

I'm thinking sometime in the 70's?

No reason. Just out of curiosity.

Labour Day 2010 attendance was over capacity at 30,319.

Labour Day 2009 attendance was over capacity at 30,293.

Official capacity is 29,500, I think. Where do they put the surplus?

Thanks! Did not know that.

It is surprising then that the LD game this year was only 26,900
(I expected a sellout as second place was on the line)

BTW, where did you find individual games from past years CK? thanks

Yearly averages I've found here:


Toronto at Hamilton, August 13, 2011: Mike O'Shea was standing on the sidelines.


If I recall, they sell standing room tickets.....theoretically, there is a lot of standing room space around the four corners of the stadium that offers a view of the field


http://www.cfl.ca/schedule/year/2010/time_zone/0 http://www.cfl.ca/schedule/year/2009/time_zone/0

When was the last sellout at Ivor Wynne?

Well I think that it was Montford but the biggest recent sellout was definitely Mike O'Shea.

I believe the stadium capacity just includes the stadium seating, not the tent seating, the Deluca Roof/Pool Shoppe Seating, in the trenches seats. Unsure if the hall of fame/pressbox is included as well.

Montford redeemed himself by playing here again voluntarily (yes, he was traded back, but he would have happily played out his career for us). O'Shea is unredeemable.

Ok you are not going to believe this but you stole that thought right out of my head lol. I was going to post that. Great minds think alike :lol: