When was the last season Ottawa beat Edmonton twice?

I cannot recall the last season when Ottawa defeated Edmonton in both games in the season..

Anyone know?

Did some investigating out of pure boredom and it has never happened before in the REGULAR season. It seems if I am correct that 1981 was the first season that East and West teams met twice a year, prior they would only play once alternating home and away each year which the league began doing in 1961, before that all regular season games were kept within each division with the only time West and East teams meeting coming in the Grey Cup.

However with all that said, they have gone 2-0 against Edmonton in an entire season back in 1973 when they beat them in the regular season and in the Grey Cup.

So I guess the answer is yes...and no, I assume you meant in the regular season but hopefully this filled you thirst for knowledge it was a good question.

NEVER in the regular season.

1982 was the first year they played 2 x in a season.
This is a time when OTT was going down hill.

However, the last time the Ottawa RR, beat EDM 2 x in a row was 1977 in OTT and 1978 in EDM.
I point this out because they would only meet once in a season.

Good chance this will be the year Ottawa beats Edmonton 3 times.

3 times ???? So you are predicting a Grey Cup rematch ? because that's the only way that it can happen. I know that there is still 12 or so games to go and anything could happen but right now you would have to say that the Eskies could be life and death just to make the play-offs this year let alone another trip to the Cup.

I dont understand why people look at Ottawa like they have always had a team. Like, "Ottawa hasn't won in Calgary since 1982" or "Ottawa hasnt won four games in a row at home since 2007" etc. ( I'm just picking random dates, so don't go looking for accuracy)

My point is, this is a three year old team. Their history is short. The only link the Redblacks have to the other teams is the city they play in and the colours they wear.

When the Winnipeg Jets came back into the NHL, did people make similar comments using the stats of the old Jets to the current team? I could be wrong, but I dont recall it happening.

To me, they will ALWAYS be the Ottawa Rough Riders!

Well thats a pile of crap. Dale Hawerchuk's jersey is hanging from the rafters in Glendale,even though he never played in Arizona. That is because the franchise history transfered because Winnipeg did not have a team.
Now that Winnipeg has the Atlanta Thrashers, suddenly Hawerchuk is a part of their legacy despite never playing for the franchise.

[url=http://m.thespec.com/sports-story/6797844-hawerchuk-ready-to-lead-jets-alumni-at-heritage-classic]http://m.thespec.com/sports-story/67978 ... ge-classic[/url]

When it comes to the CFL, it is about the city. Not the franchise.

Take the Als for example.

They have won 4 Grey Cups. 95 - 02 - 09 - 10.

That is because they started in Baltimore.

Yet the current Als claim victory in 49 - 70 - 74 - 77 , when they have no historic right to do so.
Because the team that won these folded.

They get away with it because the championships were won in those cities.

Like it or not, the RedBlacks are going to be considered an extension of the Rough Riders and Renegades.

Just like the Als - Concordes - Als #2 - Als #3.

They are and will ALWAYS be the Ottawa Rough Riders!!!

Thanks to Rod Black, and every RedBlacks game he does, nobody will ever forget. :smiley:

Jeff Hunt and OSEG are trying to distance themselves from them old teams and appeal to a new younger generation.
No one under 30 will remember the Rough Riders

If that is true, why are Russ Jackson and Tony Gabriel always in the picture?

Also on the night they announced Ottawa would host the 2017 Grey Cup, they had the 76 team show up to pay tribute to the occasion.

You can not have it both ways.
Market and promote CFL history and tradition in Ottawa and ignore the Rough Riders or Renegades.

I just want some Rough Rider merchandise - the RedBlack stuff they have on the web-site is meh. I would love a nice winter jacket with this on the back...

Be still my heart.

I am sure there is a mountain of RR stuff on ebay.

Actually this is the Official # of Grey Cup wins as per the CFL:


Grey Cup Wins:

16- Toronto Argonauts
14- Edmonton Eskimos
10- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
8- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
7- Ottawa Rough Riders
7- Montreal Alouettes
7- Calgary Stampeders
6- B.C. Lions
4- Saskatchewan Roughriders"

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2010/12/02/by-the-numbers-grey-cup-glory/]http://www.cfl.ca/2010/12/02/by-the-num ... cup-glory/[/url]

It will be interesting to see what they do when the Redblacks win a Grey Cup.

It's all other people's garbage. I want something new.

The CFL has not included the Grey Cups won by the Hamilton Tigers (5) and the Hamilton Flying Wildcats (1) before the merger to form the Hamilton Tiger-Cats even though they have a continuous history, unlike Ottawa or the Alouettes for that matter. (The Hamilton Alerts won one Grey Cup too)

So I would expect the Redblacks would have to start over too.

They Grey Cup has been won by cities.

Toronto has the most followed by Hamilton and Edmonton

If you only go by team name, it's different

But we go by cities

NEELY, thanks for the info . You are right.

However, my intent was not to go into history.
Just wanted to make the point , that it is about the city of Ottawa and football.

That being the question of when OTTAWA beat EDMONTON 2 X.
Regardless if it was the RR, Renegades or RB's.