When was the last game with no flags?


I remember it well. The year was 1676. I beleive it was also the day hell froze over and pigs flew.

I doubt you'll ever see the day because of the no yards rule. Teams always seem to take a couple 5 yard penalties there.

And with so many different ways to be called for “illegal procedure”, pass interference rules being so foggy, and holding taking place on virtually every play, the only way you’ll ever get a game with no flags would be if all the officials were legally blind.

Though many would say that’s the case now. :lol:

This might not be popular, because everyone likes to trash the refs, but.....

Perhaps the teams taking all these offsides and illegal procedures need to do a better job of coaching.
There does seem to be an endless number of flags this year, but a lot of it is all the blatant infractions that the teams are committing.
Are the refs just suppose to turn a blind eye? (couldn't resist that one!)

Has the difference between blocking and holding been clearly defined?

Answer: Last time we had a Blue Moon!..Football is a full contact sport, as you know, so there will always be flags. However, we CFL fans get so much more…as our “refs” like to pull the flags out of their pockets every other play. As a fan, I don’t get excited about a successful play, until it is deemed “Flag Free”. :expressionless: