When the Lions go to Grey Cup, who will their opponent be?

I feel it, i just know they are going to win it, they are going to beat stampeders and vrs montreal or edmonton in the finals. This season bc lions won 5 in a row, they can EASILY win 3 in a row!!! GO BC LIONS!!!.

I would want bc lions to play montreal for the grey cup. I say that becuase if they play edmonton, ricky ray is an amazing quaterback, so i have to go with montreal, who do you want them to play for the grey cup?

Montreal or Edmonton? I say Montreal, Ricky Ray is way to good of a quarterback.

I'm hoping we play Montreal. I'm not impressed that Edmonton ended up being a crossover team to the east? In the past it's been Wpg that would be in the east or west. But I mean c'mon. East is east and if you need someone to be in the semifinals, just pick your bottom two teams. BC busted our butts for points and beat Edmonton in our own division, and then they swing to the east? I'l be very choked if they end up with the cup for the east when they couldn't even pull it together in the west!

We have to get by Calgary first.

However, It will be Edmonton.

West is the Best!

you people are an abslolute joke. Calgary has dominated you all season long and you come up with these stupid philosophys. Give your thick heads a shake vancouver. YOUR TEAM SUCKS! If your so confident in your team then show your support and come out to McMahon tomorrow. Buck Pierce is 2 hits away from eating out of a straw the rest of his life and JJ is pathetic. How did it feel to get dominated by our 2nd and 3rd stringers a couple weeks ago? Enjoy seing cam wake for the last time ever in a lions uniform. Burris is by far the MOP in the league this year. Stamps by 15, thats a guarantee.

It is very hard to tell. What year are they going to the grey cup? :wink:

mightyredmachine, 2 words, calgary sucks.