WHEN the Gades fold, the riders will be a better team!!

This is why?
Joseph will be a rider if the gades fold.They will be better.
However not much better.

cant we just fold the riders to

Thats sounds like something Kantagetany(KANGA) would say.
I wouldn't want any team to fold.Not even the riders.

im joking im joking…i dig the riders…the CFL woudlnt be the same without the roughers

Sorry Saskargo, gotta disagree. Without the Gades in the league, who are the Riders gonna beat? :stuck_out_tongue:

I joked about it once, but I hate to see Suckatchewan w/o a CFL team.

I wanna see Ottawa be sucessful and maybe Jo with play for the Riders if Flutie gets signed in Ota??? anything is possible.

Who is Jo?? Stop with the stupid abbreviations Kanga. Ota and Jo do not mean anything

Ota= Ottawa?
Jo= I have no clue

I think he means Joseph, as in Kerry Joseph.

i think he means khari jones.

lol... using abbreviations surely saved everyone more time...

Over two hours after his post, people are still wondering what the point was. Same old, same old...

im thinking that khari jones should go to roughriders tc. :lol:

Usually jm02 is around to translate the gibberish.

KJ= Kahari Jones
Jo= Kerry Joseph



and Ota was Ottawa?? or was Ota some other gibberish u thought up.

Please do not make up abreviations. if you are gonna abreviate someones name, at least make it their initials or more then two letters of a last name.

Or just don't abbreviate things. Can you "firgue" that out

sure. and you could firgue out OTA, or is it OTW? or OTT?

Seeing as how Ott is the generally accepted abbreviation, I'm sure he could.....

Just make sure you're close by jm02 for translation purposes! :wink: