When the day comes.....

So, we have heard now that Dominguez may be back for the Playoffs..

so here's the big question,

who will be the #4 and 5 receivers?

we'll have Fantuz back, and Flick.. and then Dominguez.

so we have these guys


who out of these 8 will be #4 and 5

Honestly, whoever plays well will get the time on the field. I think a lot of these guys will get a chance. I think Grant will get time because he's a veteran with sure hands. As of now, Dressler has got to be in there. After that...who knows, I'm hoping they all fight hard for the spot!

If you sort it like this:

Import: (we usually play 3)
Berman (why does everybody forget him)

Non-Import: (we’ve been using 2)

18 recievers on the payroll. Time to start dealing them to Toronto or Hamilton before we end up cutting them.

After the top 3 of either of those lists, we'll give Hamilton ANY 3 they want for that big Rodriguez kid.....

As far as I'm concerned Matt is done, he's no longer a key player, let the others do the job, his good days are gone

I wouldn't count Dominguez out yet. He will get a shot at it and I think he will be a key part of the offense. Anyway, it really doesn't matter who starts, different guys will get a chance to play and they better make the most of it.

He's 29....who knows? He was never a speed guy anyway.

Look at Milt - he's slower than erosion and still can be somewhat effective.

I say Flick, Fantuz, Dressler with Dominguez #4 and Bowman (if he can correct his habit of dropping the ball) if not then that Walker guy impressed the heck outta me.

Don’t forget Nicholson - that one touchdown drive last week was almost all him.

Based on the plague of injuries this year it will be the last man standing with 2 GOOD legs that stays in the lineup. It will be a tough decision when the day comes and I am glad it’s not me that has to choose between all these players that have filled in so well this season.

Clearly we've missed that wide-side 7 yard out completion that Grant used to give us once a game.

by the end of season....I suspect these will be our key recievers:

Import: (we usually play 3)
Flick - will start
Dressler- will continue to play as a starter
Walker - will be the third import starter
Marshall - will be the fourth import to dress

Dominguez - likely won't be back this season, will be given a chance next training campe
Bowman - likely won't be back
Berman (why does everybody forget him)- if he comes back goes back to be kick returner...

Acree - cut when he comes off injury list
Farris - don't know enough about him to comment on chances
Hernandez- don't know enough about him to comment on chances

Non-Import: (we've been using 2)
Fantuz - will start
Grant - will back up behind nicholson and bagg
Nicholson - will start or back up bagg
Bagg - will start or back up bagg
Palmer - will fight to see if he or grant stays
McKoy - put back on 9 game list won't play this season
Getslaf - may play backup
Thibeault don't know enough to make an assessment

Flick - will start
Dressler- will start
Walker - will be put on PR or will dress as backup
Marshall - put on PR or will dress as backup

Dominguez - will come back and be a starter unless he has a setback
Bowman - 9 game rest of the year
Berman-come to TC next year and likely cut

Acree - 9 game until end of season
Farris - PR unless people get injured or backup
Hernandez- cut when others get healthy
Fantuz - will start
Grant - will start or be 6th receiver
Nicholson - Bagg and him will fight it out for 5th
Bagg -
Palmer - cut
McKoy - put back on 9 game list won't play this season
Getzlaf - 9 game until end of season
Thibeault HAHA lol at any of you taking him seriously

Flick, Dressler, Fantuz, Walker, and Nicholson. Would like to see Grant shipped out, although he is still a good reciever. Dominguez should take a coaching job with the organization, although he is a competator and will want to play. Maybe we ship DJ Flick out? I like him as a player but I think he would be good trading bate.

They may never get healthy

But this could Press D.J. in early

Good call on Acree, but Getzlaf looks to be starting this week

It sucks on Acree, because we gave up Ron Flemons to get him here.

Well, the LP says that Walker and Grant are now injured as well.

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/roughriders/story.html?id=1875b3d7-35c2-4a35-8fa0-15b5d705ca43]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... b5d705ca43[/url]

Should leave us with Dressler, Palmer, Bagg, Getzlaf, Marshall, Flick.

Look on the bright side - no longer an agonizing decision to be made. Get to stick with the "if you can walk, you play" for the rest of the year!


I'd love to see Getslaf in that group of receivers. I think the biggest success of this year has definitely been seeing how amazing our back up receivers are (dressler was back up at the beginning and so was Getslaf). We really have a fantastic group of receivers.

But like I stated, I think Getslaf should get some playing time, even if its as a 6th receiver. I'd almost prefer Getslaf over Bowman because atleast we know that Getslaf can run solid routes and CATCH THE BALL!!

when we have all the Injuries back the line-up will be...


QB-Michael Bishop
WR-Rotate between Matt Dominguez, Gorey Grant, Adarius Bowman
SB-Rotate between Andy Fantuz, Weston Dressler, and D.J. Flick
FB-Chris Szarka
RB-Wes Cates

RT-Glen January
RG-Mike Abou-Mechrek
C-Jeremy O'Day
LG-Gene Makowsky
LT-Wayne Smith


ROLB-Anton McKenzie
ML-Mourice Lloyd
LOLB-Sean Lucas
CB-Omarr Morgan
CB-James Johnson
DB-Eddie Davis
DB-Lance Fraiser
S-Scott Gordon

LT-Kitwana Jones
LG-Marcus Adams
RG-Scott Schults
RT-John Chick