when r argos going to announce coaching staff ?

please please please no macbeth [who is not 2nd coming of calvillo nor ray] and not seemingly selfish [who cares little for fans] medeiros

the r argos will make their announcement right after the q argos do :slight_smile:

would it any sense/cents to have former hc cc fill the spot of dc for 2020 ? at mlse could recoup money they are going to pay him for 2020

former hc of dallas just became oc w/ a different team

Just putting 2 and 2 together. McAdoo was a former successful OL Coach, Claybrooks a successful DC. They’re still out there unless already signed.
Damon Allen wants to get into Coaching now and is close with Pinball. Offensive Assistant/ QB Coach?
Wouldn’t be surprised if some holdovers such as Eiben (ST) and Brackenridge (DB) are retained.

Eiben was LB coach last season, Cory Mc Diarmid somehow survived the season as STC. Allen only wants to coach as a co-ordinator or HC it seems. There must be a reason why he has not been hired as a coach after retiring as a player over a decade ago.

i have no idea how mcdiairmid survived as STC for the entire season … he is much better suited to driving a tow truck looking for stalled cars to tow from 401
as for allen, how do u go from ZERO experience of any kind in coaching ranks to HC orco-ordinator
i think allen is a bit dellusional

Claybrooks would seem to be the most sensible and perfect fit.
With Dinwiddie offensive coach & Claybroks as DC in Calgary.
Damon Allen has been running a QB camp for on his own.
So he would be a reasonable choice to break into coaching as a QB coach.
OC or HC no way.
Dinwiddie is gona be running the Offence as OC as well.
McAdoo would seem to be the perfect fit as the Oline coach. As well as assisting Dinwiddie as OC in doing a chunk of prep duties for Dinwiddie. So he can devote a proper amount of time to being the HC.

Well that was a surprise. Glen Young was still listed on the Winnipeg site as DL/LB Coach when I checked today.
Jarious Jackson and Mark Nelson would be available because of coaching changes in BC and Ottawa. The coaching musical chairs continues in the CFL. But I guess they are competent coaches to be around this long.
So the OC and DC will now have a say in who they want working with them. I think that’s how it works. Sometimes anyway.

Definitely going to be harder for him as he may not have as many contacts .

It will be interesting but he could bring in some new blood with retired players ,
NCAA coaches and U sports coaches .

Definitely recycling with the coordinators .

Young could be a nice surprise since he was seen as someone better at DC than Nelson and I thought Nelson did a pretty good job over all in Ottawa .

With a young first time HC like Dinwiddie. Hiring the most very experiened CFL Coordinators he could was smart but as you said they were recycled guys.
Now they are in place now Dinnwiddie can hire younger former CFL players that are cutting their teeth coaching in NCAA or Usports.

Has the coaching staff been posted yet? Do we have any idea who they will be? Making me a bit nervous on how inactive the team has been. :stuck_out_tongue: