when QBs hit the deck

It seems to me that Kristie McNichols consistently goes down in a slide sooner than just about every other QB in the league.

Am I right?

Does it matter?

No, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that he gets up and goes back to the huddle. I’d much rather see that than a guy being “gutsy” and then being carried off the field.

Agreed. I love seeing a QB with guts and who thinks on his feet by moving the ball forward in whatever way he can. I do not believe that there is any shame in a QB taking a slider rather than subject himself to being pummelled by 250 pound defensive linemen. This is not an act of timorousness; it is a act of a man who is thinking of his team.

In most cases, when a starting QB goes down for the count, this is has negative consequences for the team. Smart QB’s know this and they know that there is no heroics in getting themselves injured on the field because it hurts the team. Even my favourite QB Jeremiah Masoli, whom I consider to be the toughest and most hardscrabble QB in the league, takes a slider when the situation requires it. And no one can accuse him of being a Nancy boy.

I actually like that. Every time Johnny M runs/scrambles its like a scary movie, will he fumble, get creamed, killed by over trying. Mr Reilly gets away with it so far, but??

On the other hand, lack of mobility can have equally disastrous effects on a QB. I’d rather a guy take off when the heat is on than stand around and get force-fumbled or worse.

Reilly has been getting away with it lately,but I do remember a certain West Final between the two Alberta teams that ended with Reilly getting carted off the field with a broken ankle (from a nagging injury that he had for most of the second half of the season).

One of the big questions that people were asking that year was “Exactly what was the plan going to be if Edmonton actually won that game?” No doubt the Esks would have had a very hard time playing in the GC Final without Reilly.

For an example of why QB’s should go down:

Jimmy G tried to cut back and gain an extra yard, when he was about 8 yards away from the first down marker. Looks like he tore his ACL, and will miss the rest of the year.

In certain circumstances, it’s worth fighting for that extra yard. But good QB’s have to know when to take that risk.

Not only did he do a cutback...which was stupid...but his pivot was way outside of his base. The growing common factor being recognized is that when you do this and take a hit that ACL injury likelihood shoots way up. Makes a lot of sense as to why these are on the rise so much, as that agility factor in players is increasing...and with that comes widening the pivot