When next years tickets are printed .

I was not sure who to address this suggestion to so I decided to place it here in the hope that someone might take note and pass this on .

When Season Tickets or even game day tickets are printed up next year ; I would suggest that there be a better distinction between the letter I and the number 1 . I sit in a row 1 and I can't tell you how many times this season and others people were confussed because the I seemed to look like a number 1 and they thought they were sitting in row 1 . It was just was just a straight line going up and down. To make it even worse a couple of times the event staff did not even know the difference and I had to show them what the 1 looked like . That is not my job but they thought I was in there seat or they tried to sit in my friends seats.

Actually I can relate to this. We buy our tickets by the game so we sit all over IWS througout the season. Many's the time we've gone to the wrong seats because we can't decipher the ticket info.

It's just a small issue and probably not easily correctable but TheTigerLady is right.

An Argo-Cat fan