When might a depth chart be released?

Just wondering. I'm sure it's way too early for one.

Given how historically bad the Als are at updating depth charts, I'd say game day TBH.


Water is wet :joy::rofl:

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Game is Saturday 7pm Eastern. League rules require depth charts to be released at least 24 hours before gametime. In this case, it would be 7pm on Friday at the latest. Usually the Als wait until the final half hour before the deadline. So, Friday at about 6:45pm would be a good guess.

Barring injury, Chris Schleuger should be listed as a backup which means he will not be in uniform as CFL teams do not dress reserve American lineman.

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To the league. Nothing to do about their website unfortunately.

Unless I am getting old like Russ Lande who mistakenly called Taku Lee "Taco Bell", I am pretty sure of the timing since I reposted the 2019 depth charts in this forum.

It looks like Ahmad Thomas will get the start at middle linebacker:

He's a bit undersized for MLB but it is what it is. Hopefully he'll fill his gaps and stay assignment-sharp for 60 minutes. If the D-line can get pressure his job should be easier.

Big test for a rookie. First game going up against a big back like James Wilder , he will be tested early and often...

He does come from a great football school and applied himself scholastically to understand the job.

The Als season hinges on Miles and the defense. I'm very skeptical but I wish them the best.

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Agreed. I don't see this defense doing much to stop anyone most nights, but I hope to be proven wrong.

Just wondering here but can anybody explain why Schleuger 's photo shown on the roster he is wearing a Saskatchewan jersey ? Another thing is why is his birthdate listed as 21 - 01 - 01 ?

Nick Usher at 235 pounds, is also undersized for a defensive end. I hope they have speed to make up for their smaller size.

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Unfortunately, the Alouettes frequently have mistakes on their website when it comes to the roster.

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That explains the obvious birthdate error Johnny but as for the jersey ? I don't recall Schleuger ever being with the Riders before he became an Alouette . The only other explanation that I can think of is that the photo is of some other player besides Schleuger and as you said was printed by mistake .

The idiots stole the photography from the NFL web site here:

And photoshopped the wrong jersey on him...

This is the correct picture


Here's the explanation bobo. Schleuger was on an Als road trip to Regina, popped into the Riders store, thought the green jersey would complement his blonde locks.....nah, he was actually on the Riders practice roster in 2018. His photo obviously should have been updated since.

Schleuger didn’t stick with the Steelers, so he signed with Birmingham of the short-lived Alliance of American Football. He was released, twice, by the team before the league ceased operations. He also spent time on Saskatchewan’s practice roster last season.


So, not being knowledgeable regarding the dynamics of the Ratio AND being illiterate in French, will Schlueger be playing in the season opener?

I doubt it. Sorry.

It happens. If the Ratio is the reason, I understand the purpose of the Ratio.

Right now he is the backup to Tony Washington. Only other possibility for him to start is if the Canadians at RT are completely inept, then The Als could insert him but would have to play two Canadian receivers.