When Kavis Reed is fired and sent back to Edmonton, who should get his job?

The thing with finding a CFL GM is that there is such a limited pool to choose from. When a NFL GM is canned there are 32 teams to choose from - Asst. GMs, personnel people, etc. A CFL GM is a unique position, he has to have knowledge of Canadian talent, how the ratio works etc. You can pick a Head Coach with no CFL experience (yeah I know), but not a GM.

There are some young up and comers like Snyder, Zimmerman, Geroy Simon seems to be doing a lot of grunt work. But not a large group, so that`s why the usual suspects like Barker, Austin, Maciocia are always mentioned.

Kyle Walters was also actually a special teams coach at one time, but he later did his homework in personnel roles.

As to why Andrew went with Kavis, he wanted control back of the team from Popp, probably felt comfortable with Kavis, felt he could control him, or maybe naively really believed in Kavis’ plan for the team. And now is too stubborn to admit the mistake, plus have to reboot heading into a season of labor uncertainty.

I never understood why they pay these guys two and three times what the best players in the league make AND they get the guaranteedcontract?

In theory … if coaches, and especially GMs, were one year-to-year deals there is no incentive for them to risk a rebuild as it usually takes at least a couple of years to shake out.