When Kavis Reed is fired and sent back to Edmonton, who should get his job?

Might as well start it now.

Anybody but Maciocia

i’m with ro; anyone on that list would be acceptable but for Maciocia.

I know but I had to put him on there. I’m sure he’ll get his share of votes.

i don’t know, hfxtc. . . I can’t think of any of us regulars who would want him. . . I stand to be corrected.

NO to Maciocia! >:(

Tout le monde sauf Maciocia serait une amélioration par rapport à Reed. Je réponds Kent Austin même si je me ferai lancer des roches. Son rôle est beaucoup trop effacé à Hamilton de sorte qu’il pourrait être intéressé à condition d’avoir les pleins pouvoirs. Il a déjà fait le travail de DG et peut potentiellement être HC, ce qui sauverait un salaire, et a un meilleur réseau de contact de sorte qu’il pourrait être en mesure de trouver de meilleurs entraîneurs que Khari Jones et Rich Stubler. Jim Barker est un nom qui circule souvent ici, mais il ne faut pas oublier pourquoi il n’est plus DG à Toronto. John Murphy serait un bon 2e choix.

Dans tous les cas malheureusement, je doute que Kavis Reed soit limogé à la fin de la saison.

Three scenarios

Comédie: Congédié
Tragédie: Extension de contrat
Tragicomédie:Confirmé 2019

And just like that a few Rider fans come and pollute our Poll with votes for Dancin Disco Danny.

Perhaps invoking the " + or - 3% " should come into play here. Similar to when they run polls for elections.


It will be Austin.

I could see Austin as a coach but as a GM, I’m not sure. He looks like he’s experiencing some kind of rebirth. Last few times I saw interviews with him he’s become less of an angry curmudgeon. He hasn’t won anything in forever but his team are usually competitive.

Maybe because he’s not on the sidelines.

Without stirring the ire of the regulars here can anyone outline clearly, without reverting to vitriol and rhetoric, why Macoicia would be such a terrible choice?
-Was an OC in CFL
-Was a HC in CFL
-Was a GM in CFL
-Won a GC in the CFL
-Is a very successful CIS guy including recently winning a National Championship as the architect and HC of University of Montreal.
-Born and raised in Montreal. Lives there now.

Based on experience and results how could he NOT be a strong candidate.

I know he was ultimately fired in Edmonton. But what GM hasn’t been fired?

I know he is short and people like to make fun of him dancing prematurely on the sidelines years ago.

It’s his record.

As a head coach, in 2005 he had a good record with a team he inherited, going 11-7 and winning the Grey Cup.

But after that, his head coaching record is 7-11 in 2006, 5-12 in 2007, 10-8 in 2008.

As a GM, which is more to the point in this thread, his record is as follows:

5-12 in 2007; 10-8 in 2008; 9-9 in 2009, and 1-4 before being fired in 2010.

That’s mediocre, and I want more than mediocre for my team.

Thanks. Certainly a fair and clear response.

One: He’s not loyal
Two: He failed badly in Edmonton
Three: He has no connections south of the border, just like Kavis, recruiting is the #1 priority for a CFL GM to be successful. That’s why like Hervey, Jones, Huf and at one time Popp are more successful than the others.

I’m only familiar with a couple of these folks. Can somebody provide a their assessments of any of them? We already have one of Macoicia.

And after winning the Grey Cup with an inherited team…He broke Edmonton’s 40 something year consecutive playoff streak

At this Point…Reed has never been fired…but all kidding aside…Why do we constantly recycle coaches and GMs? In all sports?

They tried…they failed, move on!

But before anyone says it…
The Als moved on to Reed and look what happened

The problem is that teams don’t want to risk spending money on those with no experience so they don’t end up paying 2 or 3 HCs or GMs at the same time

They should look at mandatory 1 year contracts for the first 2 or 3 years for HC and GMs with the current team having the right to first refusal…or stop guaranteeing their contracts