When It Really Mattered We Beat Ourselves

The team should have been laser focused for this game but instead we had:

  1. Completely unnecessary penalties - S.T.E.'s led to the game winning drive with roughing the kicker

  2. Dropped passes aplenty.

  3. An uncharacteristic soft defense in the second half. Our Db’s played well back off of the line. We couldn’t stop drives when we really needed it.

  4. 31 points should be enough to win.

Bad teams always find ways to lose big games…

Jones has said it before…losing teams make the plays (or, in the case of five dropped passes, DON’T) when it counts…still not there…

We need to kill these guys next week just for the momentum and to get into their heads…if I’m them, I am thinking no matter what, we will always beat this team…

This team have Mastered that fact of beating themselves and if any team will, it will be the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Just cannot figure this team out, not worth trying they might figure it out when it’s too late?

Beat ourselves???


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Ottawa won because they outcoached us. Their offensive game plan was to avoid Breaux and have Ellingson in motion leaving Breaux alone. Then they proceeded to pick on our weakest db #4 leonard and daly. Aside from Breaux and Brooks our dbs are pretty weak . Harris seemed to through quick passes to 88 Sonopoli at will for first. Why are the dbs giving 88 so much room and respect. We looked like a high school team in the 2knd half making countless mistakes and penalties . STE roughing the kicker was inexcuseable. That fumbled kickoff was also horrible and rolles grabbing of the receivers shirt in the endzone was a very poor play. Green could not get it going at all in the run game. I am not sure if that is an oline problem or what. I think Masoli should have taken the balk on his own more often and faked handoffs and threw more

Plain and simple, We are a mediocre team, we get the lead and then sit back as for the past 6 games and then let the opposition gain control and eventually WIN the game! We had this game and then were out coached and out reffed,brutal calls BUT our secondary(Daly) gave up way too many plays! AGAIN, we are back to square one and hopefully pull out a win in the ESF, only to have to win in Ottawa AGAIN, WTF, every year this happens??? I actually am ready to throw the WHITE flag! :frowning:

Daly has been bad most of the season. He’s been getting exposed more regularly lately.

Bad coverage, bad tackling. Other than that…

Yeah , I have seen enough of Daly and it would appear time to put Stephen at Safety. Leonard has had a bad season and horrible game tonight. When is enough is enough with these two guys. Let’s give freddie williams and Josh Johnson a shot at Leonard’s halfback spot. Buren is already starting to look better than Jones.

I have good news and bad news.

Bad News: Quit kidding ourselves, we’re done this year. We won’t even win the semi-final.

Good News: If everyone is back next year healthy.(receivers and D-linemen) we will win
alot of games.

So relax, put your feet up and watch the Bombers get their first GC in over twenty-eight years.

And I’m not a Bomber Fan.

He’s up and down mostly down but gives you the odd INT here and there. These games are defining games for me. They reveal who has the pedigree to step up in stressful games and Daly isn’t one of those guys often enough.

  1. How right you are Welder !! This is not a good team, despite what a lot of people on here say
    every day ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Choked again!

Will the real Hamilton Tiger Cats please, please stand up, and remain so?
I’m getting worn out by all of your inconsistencies.

Yes, choked is a strong word but first place was on the line and recent concensus cried out the Tiger Cats as being a top 3 team in the league.

Terrible letdown once again!

What is there left to figure out; we beat up the weaklings and lose to the strong teams; can’t come back/hold on the close games.
Not a championship calibre team, yet.

That’s a good summary.