When is the grey cup coming to Hamilton?

how in a league with only 8 teams can it take so many years wiyh out hosting a grey cup
(even if we include Ottawa)
1996 was are last time hosting so this will be at least 13 years and at least 2 more when will we even bid for the game agian.

The last time was a disaster with poor planing about the extra bleachers and the HSR strike but that was then and this is now and I think Mr. Young has the tools to do it right.

2010 you heard it here first nooner

2009 is Calgary, so anytime after that would be a good guess.

I missed the '94 one but we sure had fun in '96. :wink:

We should have gotten the 100th anniversary. But we didn't

I have had the good fortune of going to 3 Grey Cups.
My first was well, we have forgotten that one, you know the one, wet cold Exhibition Stadium Deiter Brock. OUCH !!!

Then the one in 85 as a cheerleader !! Awsome !!!!! No words can explain.

Then the Snowdown in Steeltown. I just put my banner up outside in my backyard with Moscas signature on it. It looks great. I only paid $25 for it !!!Anyway, as a volunteer that is a close second to the 85 Cup. What a blast and then sitting in the snow it was unbelievable.
Hamilton put on a damn good show that year. The press ruined it. The resounding success of the game portion in not so many words saved the CFL. The snow was so beautiful.

The last one in Hamilton was a disaster so I don't think it will be coming back for many years.

And which Grey Cup in Hamilton were you at. The only thing that went wrong with the Grey Cup in Hamilton was all the political rederick.
I volunteered virtually every night. Working the hospitality tents, my husband was a driver, we both only heard great things from players and sports fans who came into the city for the game.
All the negative crap ( and I use that as politely as I can ) came from all types of media and the nay sayers who couldn't care less for football, the Tiger Cats or the CFL in general.
It was a fabulous week, and a good time was had by all.


Bob Young was speaking on the radio at half-time and this question was asked.

He answered by saying not until Hamilton gets a beter stadium. He was saying that the south side is starting to get too old and that the city has to start lobbying Queens Park and Ottawa for funding.
Toronto has recieved a lot of infastructure funding over the years now it's Hamilon's turn go get some money.
Because the stadium is owned by the city it is there responsibility to improve it.
When these things happen then Hamilton can bid for a Grey Cup.

I'm thinking you may not see a Grey Cup game in Hamilton until about 2015 or later

Had a great time too but the event lost a truckload of money

I figured Ivor Wynne was the lone factor in determining whether they'd get a grey cup in steeltown again...but how old was the Winnepeg stadium? Wasnt that in shambles when they played there this past year?

We should hopefully have a winning record by then

OR in the very least a TOUCHDOWN!!