When is the embarrassing showings going to change ?

BC looked like a prepared well-caoched pro team in every aspect of the game and we looked like a hiogh school team without direction.

TSN and the broadcasters must be getting sick of the ticats in the last 2 years ( Charlie Taffe ). Something has to happen to wake up this organization. Are we not spending enough money on scouts and players ? what gives ? I can imgagine any game involving the ticats is the most poorpy rated game on TSN . The broadcasters don't know what to say anymore as it all the same mistakes and lack of preparation .

Lumsden and Printers most likely will be gone as they are getting fed up .

OBIE ...you have seen what Taffe has done over the past 2 years with 2 different staffs and he as the former mvp at QB and maybe the best running back in the league in Lumsden ( being a ratio buster ) and he still looks lost.

My issue is Taffe talks like a fan saying we need to make these tackles or blockl better and less mistakes but it is his job to make sure his guys are doing this .

The cats are outcoached , outshemed, out prepared and they do not have the overall talent , experience or depth of the other teams.

The must not be spending as much moeny as the other teams.

I watch when BC has the ball and the qb has protections nad whatever paly he chooses his man is wide open and ll he has to do is throw the ball to a wide open guy . When we have the ball our qb is fighting for his life and throwing it ti a guy with 2 guys right on him ..there is the difference .

One thing is for sure is the there in nto one guy on ourt d-line that has shown any signs of providing any pressure on opposing qbs ' . So all the imports on the d-LINE can go ( LEWIS , ADAMS , PATRICK , COLLINS ) ...as for the oline ..we need to bring in some good american tackles . I think Thomas is ok and can stay but we need a couple good ones ....
I think HAGE is way over-rated and he has been hupping the ball very badly of late .
We need to give Bekasiuk a chance in there soon .

Our recivers need an upgrade ,...baumann and rodriguez should stay to develop all else can go

Robinson now can be added to the list of not worthy db's aftert his last two games ...poor tackling and coverage .....gordon is included as well as glasper ......thompson nad bradley are teh only two guys woth keeping

I just hope OBIE is smart enough to recognize whhere the real issues are here ..

I mean did youall see them trying to run a screen poass yesterday ,,it's not wonder they never do it ..it is because they don't know how ..scary very scary ...