When is the CFL going to Get on Board with Salute to Service - CAF?

As a 49+ year fan of the CFL I cannot figure out why the CFL has not embraced a Salute to Service / Canadian Armed Forces promo with fans being able to purchase there favorite teams and salute our military and veterans while we enjoy the great game of Canadian football? Its time for the league marketing guys and girls to make it happen. We need to do a better job at thanking our military service men and women for what they do.

The CFL does a great job in saluting the military.
Every team has a "salute the Military" game, and as far as I know at every game in Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal they introduce a military member.
Don't know what more they can do

The Stamps salute the military game is the LDC.

That's one game, they should be saluted every game at the beginning and during, they should have jerseys and items available that allows fans to shows support, funds can go to veteran causes, those types of things, says salute to our CAF's, Salute to Service. There plenty of things more they can do!

Why should they do this?
Why not Boy Scouts?
Boys and Girls Club?
City Halls?
Road Crews?

IMO, presently there is already a very respectable amount of public ceremonial time dedicated to the support of all the men and women who serve in our military. If they should be saluted every game, there would be no time for the CFL to salute those other dedicated men and women who, as importantly, serve us well on a daily basis. Perhaps the CFL could lead the way for private organizations to publically honour our distinguished policing services, distinguished fire service or our country's fine educators?

I like the idea of honouring healthcare professionals, road crews, and other every day working professionals who make our life as livable as it is. I can think of an Edmonton cop who deserves to be honoured by a stadium full of people. I love seeing the military being feted, but not exclusively.

No thanks, what teams do now is more than enough.

Agree, the league does an admirable job now recognizing our country's service personnel, if you do too much it looks wanky IMHO. As others say, so many other groups dedicated to public service to help our country prosper.

When is the CFL going to Get on Board with Salute to Service - CAF?

When the CAF pays the CFL like the US military does the NFL?

Really? This again? Your signature is incredibly ironic since you are confusing your own opinion for fact. Do a little research; US military did pay for scoreboard advertising in the form of scoreboard tributes and homecomings, as well as tickets and luxury box for a couple of events. However, by no means have they paid for every appreciation event and they didn't even pay for the entire event when they did pay. We know this because of a senate report detailing the waste of taxpayer money.

So not only do you want the Canadian government to waste your tax dollars like the Americans did you don't even know the extent to which it was done down south.

Your statement, while not entirely false, is most certainly far from the entire truth and more than a little misleading. But, feel free to continue making up your own facts.

I disagree, every team honours the military every season for a game, that's enough IMO. It has nothing to do with not respecting the sacrifice they make for our country.


During CFL games, they are honored on a regular basis.

CFL / TSN does a great job.

Anymore it would be overkill.

Or what I would say " law of diminishing returns "

Sadly people would just get tired of it.

It is fine the way it is.

At every RedBlacks game, they honour a military person. In addition, they present a wood cookie (a sawed off portion of a log stamped with the logo) to deserving individuals or groups including doctors, first responders, charity leaders and other deserving people from the community. I think they have done it right here in Ottawa. I don't believe the CFL has to do more. Understand, being a military officer of 34 years service, that I feel that I am just doing my job and that I don't need to be publicly recognized for it. It's my duty. Anything that is done to recognize the military is just gravy to me.

The question from the OP should be- When is Canada going to get on board with salute to service-CAF?

While appreciated, it does make it feel a bit awkward to me.

I just do a quick thank you and try to move on.

Respectful, but I don't make a big deal of it.

The military (taxpayers) have paid the CFL and TSN in the past. The military has a budget for recruiting and ads have been run on TSN during football games, not sure about this year but in past years for sure. The Armed Forces logo and the "Canada" symbol was always at CFL stadiums.
A friend of mine at NDHQ was a finance officer and controlled the recruiting budget and they would advertise to young people through sports events at stadiums and games broadcast on the TV.

As for flypasts - doesn't cost taxpayers any extra. There is a budget for flying hours and for fuel. Our pilots don't sit around, they need to constantly train and fly missions, if they are on a mission and they get approval to do a flypast at a stadium on the way home for on the way out, it's no big deal and no extra costs.
We also have one CF-18 with an airshow trained pilot that does the air show circuit all summer, all comes under the recruiting budget.

Advertising yes, paying for appreciation games NO! I am CAF and I'm well aware of flypasts and the requirement for pilots to maintain various certification and those flypasts can be used in that capacity. CF does advertise and they pay for those ads like anyone else, but the notion that they pay for appreciation days is ridiculous.

F-18s are impressive to civvies and the Snowbirds are just a glorified recruiting tool, but the taxpayer is not out a dime for those nor for tickets provided for military appreciation games. They pay for a bus to get us to and from the stadium/arena and that's it.