When is the Cats mini camp?

Does anyone know when the Cats are holding their mini camp this year and I would presume it would be at THF?

I believe it was in late April last year at Ron Joyce Stadium but with the new stadium open now will it be at THF or at Ron Joyce?

The way things are going, THF may not even be open for the PAN-AMs, let alone the CFL season…

The dates, as yet unannounced to the public, as far I know, would have been set some time ago as the club is required to give players 30 days notice of their O.T.A. plans. They're limited to 3 days and I think we can bet that the O.T.A.s are the 3 days related to the Tiger-Cats in the ongoing stadium construction thread mention of April events being cancelled. The window for O.T.A.s is Feb. 1 to Apr. 30, so we know they will be held, somewhere other than THF, within the next two weeks, for sure. Last year the team chose the final 3 days of April. My guess for this year would be Apr. 27-29 so the players would arrive over a weekend as they did last year.

And another reasonable assumption would be they would be at Ron Joyce Stadium if THF is not available. If it is Apr 27-29 THF might (lol) be ready. I won't hold my breath though as I run the risk of passing out.

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I personally believe it's CJ's job to lose. And when I say lose I only mean due to injury or that his rehab is not 100% once the season begins.

I'd sure like to see them try Madu at slotback. Kind of a "Durie" type role sans the passport. Not sure that the roster #'s & ratio etc will allow that though. But an interesting way of getting 2 & even 3 rb's on the field.

Right on topic. Well done :oops:

Mon ~ Wed @ Mac 10:30 Am practice time

And it's a straight copy/paste of my post over in the running back camp battles thread!

To your point - Mods?

So that'll be April 27, 28 and 29 then? What about parking etc.? Do you have a link as well from the Ticat's website (I can't find one myself :oops: )?

The ticats.ca web-site has the following details, but next week Monday is on the 27th. I am sure it is Monday to Wednesday, but the dates are really the 27th to the 29th.

"The Tiger-Cats will host their three-day mini-camp at McMaster University’s Ron Joyce Stadium next week from Monday, April 28 to Wednesday, April 30.

Head Coach Kent Austin and his staff will welcome a mix of veteran players and rookies to Hamilton for three days of on-field practices and meetings ahead of training camp, which begins on May 31.

All mini-camp practices hosted at Ron Joyce Stadium are open Ticats fans and the public to view. For more information on practice times, click here. "

[url=http://ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-to-host-2015-mini-camp-next-week]http://ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-to- ... -next-week[/url]

Oskee wee wee

Mini camp starts tomorrow!!

Nic Grigsby ?@Nic_Grigsby5 13h13 hours ago
Thanks you lord for another day! Here at this airport next stop Tiger Town! Wheels up

From Drew Edwards

Ticats shift focus (a little) for this year's mini-camp

[b]In his first two seasons at the helm, Ticats general manager and head coach Kent Austin came into mini-camp with a very specific to-do list.

In 2013, he and his staff were introducing new systems across the board – offence, defence, special teams – while also trying to get a sense of what they had personnel wise. Last season, the focus was on new quarterback Zach Collaros, as he tried to get a handle on the team's complex offensive decision-making process.

As this year's mini-camp gets underway – players will take to Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University on Monday for the first of three days of on-field sessions – things are expected to be a little bit different.

"The general structure is the same but we can install a bit more because we have more experience," Austin said. "As our packages on both sides of the ball and special teams grows, we don't have to start from scratch."

Collaros comes into the season as the undisputed No. 1 quarterback after a spectacular second half to 2014, one that not only got the Ticats into the post-season – the team was 1-6 when he returned from injury on Labour Day, then won eight-of-11 – but helped them to a second-straight Grey Cup berth as well.

Behind him, however, thing are less certain. Two of last year's back ups, Dan LeFevour (Montreal) and Stephen McGee (unsigned) are gone and while Jeremiah Masoli returns for a third season, he's started just two games. He'll be joined by second-year man Jacory Harris and newcomer Jeff Mathews, who played for Austin at Cornell.

"It's competition,? Austin said of his No. 2 spot. “Zach's our starter but we're looking for everybody to grow, to have improved physically and mentally.?

And while much of the core from last year's squad will return this season, Austin said a few veterans will be absent and others will see reduced playing time so the coaching staff can get a look at some of the newcomers. The team has signed a number players from its negotiation list this off-season, receiver Tiquan Underwood and defensive back Ellis Lankster among them.

"We've had some of these guys on our radar for a long time but it takes time to get them up here," Austin said.

One key issue that won't be addressed at mini-camp: how the team plans to use its Canadian players this season.

"We have different iterations of what our ratio may look like but some that will be determined at training camp," Austin said. "We have a fairly good idea of the national players that can start but how that ends up looking could vary."[/b]

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2015/04/ticats-shift-focus-a-little-for-this-years-mini-camp.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2015/ ... -camp.html[/url]

This love affair with Masoli is worrisome...... especially with Dan LeFevour gone. He should have been the first backup QB to have been turned loose after last season.
Anyone seen how McGee looks at workouts?

I take it that Madu is not at mini camp

Mossis Madu ?@MossisMadu 9m9 minutes ago
S/O to my dawgs up north startin OTA's today! Fly around and have fun. Ill see ya in June for training camp!! #Ticats

Mini Camp underway

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 4m4 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
#Ticats have 51 players on their minicamp roster, 15 of them are Canadian, 22 are newcomers. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 8m8 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
Best training camp battles will be at RB (Gable, Grigsby, Madu) & DT (Bulcke, Laurent, Hall, Gaydosh). We'll have to wait til late May. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 10m10 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
Notables not taking part in #Ticats minicamp: Andy Fantuz, CJ Gable, Brian Bulcke, Ted Laurent, Eric Norwood, Rico Murray... #CFL

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 17m17 minutes ago
First notable absence from #Ticats mini-camp: RB @CJ_Gable. Austin said some veterans wouldn’t be here so they could look at other guys.

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 13m13 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
#Ticats have 4 QBs at #minicamp this week. Zach Collaros, Jeremiah Masoli, Jacory Harris and Jeff Mathews. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 15m15 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
#Ticats DB Brandon Stewart an early candidate to replace Delvin Breaux on the hot corner. #CFL #minicamp


Coach McPhee has his football-on-a-stick out. The d-line is working on their get offs

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 16m16 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
Neither of the #Ticats two kickers, Justin Medlock & Brett Lauther, are at minicamp. They know what they have in those two players. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 19m19 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
OL'men at #Ticats minicamp include Mike Filer, Peter Dyakowski & Landon Rice. Not here, Brian Simmons, Joel Figueroa & Tim O'Neill. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 1m1 minute ago Hamilton, Ontario
WR/SB at #Ticats minicamp: Luke Tasker, Brandon Banks, Quincy McDuffie, Terrell Sinkfield. Not here: Andy Fantuz, Bakari Grant & Cary Koch.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3m3 minutes ago
“Don’t grab him, don’t grab him, don’t grab him.? - #Ticats DB coach James Stanley on pretty much every play. The new rules...

8) Stephen McGee is no longer with the team. He was not re-signed as a free agent.

Masoli not at Mini camp today for some reason
Maybe he fumbled and lost his plane ticket, or his flight was intercepted! :wink:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats QB Jeremiah Masoli missed first day of mini-camp but is expected to be on the field Tuesday

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3m3 minutes ago
Nice long pass from #Ticats QB @ZCollaros7 to new WR @tiunderwood late on day one of mini camp. Underwood a player to watch this week. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 4m4 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
#Ticats QB @ZCollaros7 has some early chemistry with @TiUnderwood after connecting on a long bomb at minicamp. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 4m4 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
Impressed with @12JHarris12 accuracy and arm strength on day 1 of #Ticats minicamp. #CFL

Drew Edwards on day 1 of mini camp

"Head coach Kent Austin said there would be a number of veteran players absent from camp and there are, including: running backs C.J. Gable and Mossis Madu, receivers Andy Fantuz, Bakari Grant and Cary Koch and Spencer Watt, offensive linemen Brian Simmons, Joel Figueroa, Joel Reinders and Tim O'Neill, linebackers Simoni Lawrence, Rico Murray, Erik Harris andTaylor Reed, defensive tackles Bryan Hall, Ted Laurent, Brian Bulcke, Hasan Hazime and Linden Gaydosh, defensive ends Justin Hickman and Eric Norwood, special team stalwarts Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, Fredo Plesius, Beau Landry, Pawel Kruba and Marc Beswick as well as kicker Justin Medlock and the snappers... quarterback Jeremiah Masoli missed Monday's session but is expected to be on the field on Tuesday.
So essentially the Ticats have brought their quarterbacks, their starting American receiving corps, the veteran American defensive backs competing for Delvin Breaux's job (Brandon Stewart, Ed Gainey), all their young offensive lineman... and a whole bunch of guys auditioning for a spot at a training camp.
Mini-camp is voluntary so it's possible that some of these veteran players have opted not to come but my guess is that most, if not at all, simply weren't invited. Most of the guys on the above list have established roles on the club and having them here would simply take away reps from players the coaching staff need to make a determination on."

• the Ticats have some size at receiver: newcomer Tiquan Underwood is listed at 6-foot-2, while Lamont Bryant and Terrence Tolliver are 6-foot-5.
• secondary coach James Stanley was yelling “don't hold him, don't hold him, don't him,? on pretty much every rep during one-on-one drills. Defensive back are going to need to adjust to the new rules, and fast.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2015/04/some-notes-from-the-opening-day-of-ticats-mini-camp.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2015/ ... -camp.html[/url]