when is taylor field getting new turf?

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story.asp?ID=106789&hubName=cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story.asp?ID ... ubName=cfl[/url]

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are planning $12-million worth of upgrades for Taylor Field, with the ultimate goal of landing the 2012 Grey Cup game.

The 2012 final will mark the 100th anniversary of the championship game and commissioner Tom Wright says there is no shortage of candidates willing to play host.

"In the end, probably all nine teams - and maybe even a 10th team - would want to have the 2012 Grey Cup," he tells the Regina Leader-Post.

"The 100th Grey Cup is obviously going to come around only once and we want to make sure that it is the absolute special celebration of Canadian sport that everybody in Canada knows it is."

Saskatchewan has twice played host to the Grey Cup, in 1995 and 2003.

In order to achieve their goal, Roughrider chairman Garry Huntington announced an eight year capital project aimed at transforming Taylor Field into a modern football facility that will rival anything in the CFL.

Among the improvements planned are improved seating on the east side, a new jumbotron, improved sound system and new field turf. There are also plans to upgrade and improve the south end zone section of the stadium and the north end.

In order to help pay for the upgrades, the team will add a $2 facility fee to all 2005 game tickets while season ticket prices will increase by an average of 11-percent.

"This increase will offset increased operating costs and keep us competitive at all levels," said Huntington.

"It's interesting to note that even with the addition of the facility fee and ticket prices, the Roughriders continue to offer the lowest average ticket pricing in the entire league."

this article is from before the '05 season...anyone know when they plan on doing these things?...i know it takes time to generate the money, but do they have a date in mind?

2012 greay cup game? not happeing, that will be in Toronto.

Try for 2013, rider fans.

well...toronto has the 95th grey cup...so i think the 100th will go to edmonton.

which would be good, since they could pack the place with over 60 000.

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I say 2008, which would be great since it's the 50th anniversay of the CFL (in theoy, the CFC was fromed in 1956, then chaged to CFL in 1958).

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