When is Jason Clermont expected back in the lineup?

I just wondered if anyone has a fairly accurate idea of when Clermont will be returning from his injury. He's one tough sumbitch and the Lions need him.

heard that he is aiming for Aug 18 game against Edmonton. I sure hope he is back soon, you are right, we miss him!

Radio this morning said a couple of weeks. He's catching the ball in practice.

Clermont was just on the radio confirming he will be in the line-up for Thursday's game against the Bombers.

He is expected to have a limited role and ease his way back into his starting spot at slotback.

It will be great see #82 in action again.

It should also free up an import spot meaning Jamal Johnson could be back too to bolster the defence and special teams.

Can't wait for Clermont to be back in lineup. It only strengthens out receiving corps.

Excellent news Miles. I heard that new radio report this morning.

Don't ya just love the way the media flip flops during the week!

The media are all a bunch of idiots. If they can’t find something to report, they make it up on the spot. They don’t care, as long as they get something out.

There’s a reason I don’t buy newspapers or watch the news anymore. :frowning: