When is it time for athletes to retire?

When is it time to retire?

When they can no longer be as effective as another player, whatever the reason.

Thats kind of a stupid or I should say unfair poll because every situation is different.

The answer is very simple. When do you think you should retire?

Retirement is a very individual thing-- one the person knows for sure when they are done doing any kind of job. Some retire early so they can enjoy their grandkids, others retire to travel while still relatively young(55 or thereabouts). Carl Kidd is a good example. He may have had at least 3 more good years left in him, but he decided to out on top. There are others that stay way too long(Allen, Messier), or forced to retire due to severe illness or injury. I would say that as long as a player is being productive and contributing to the team, let him play all he wants, until he decides that he can no longer play to the level he expects or his teammates expect from him.

I disagree on Kidd. There was absolutely no interest in Carl from the eight teams.

Holy, we agree on something.

when they are not having fun anymore

I have elected not to vote.
The most obvious option is not on there.
Players should and usually do retire when they cannot play football anymore.

If it's because they s-u-c-k now, then retire.
If it's because they are injured, then retire.
If it's 'cuz they got cut for being old, then retire.

I mean the list goes on and on but it all boils down to the fact that Athletes retire when they cannot play, or play as effective as they once did.

It is plain as the sunrising everyday and a waste of a poll.

re red and white 2000 something- ive got at least 22 years to go :stuck_out_tongue:

When is it time to retire? When the team is now winning in spite of him whereas they used to win because of him.

I dont agree with that. If you are a player, and you are playing in the CFL to put food on the table, you arent gonna just bow out because there is competition...

When they get a ring…
So, for Milt Stegall in specific, at the end of this season :wink:

Someone's buying Milt a ring at the end of the season? That's so nice.

You retire when you no longer want to play, or when you can't compete with the younger guys anymore. That's not bowing out because there is competition: there should have been competition throughout the player's career. It realizing that you can no longer play up to the level of the competition.

These options are all stupid. I think a player should retire when they are either unable to play at a competitive level anymore or in the case of players that have had long stellar careers when they have nothing left to prove and nothing left to accomplish such as allen or messier for the last few years of his career. I would personally much rather see a legend retire having accomplished everything possible without their play declining to the point where they area ashadow of their former selves

Absolutely. And the saddest thing is when a player who has had a hall-of-fame career gets unceremoniously dumped. It looks bad on the team. I'm thinking in particular of Grover Covington, who attended one training camp too many.