When is it ok to lose?

As I see it there are some people saying everything is ok even that we are 0-2 right now!Well when you look at our schedule there is good chance we can end up 0-4 before we might win!When you start to accept losing you will start losing more with less guilt!There is no good reason for losing and losing is never acceptable period!That is the truth no matter how you look at it!

Yep--I was really annoyed last year because that's what Marshall and Bob were saying after the Cats were 0-3. Red flags should have went up then, and they should be going up now.

They need to demand more from the players instead of demanding patience from fans!

[i]"You win some. You lose some."

"You can't win them all" [/i]

Those are two sayings that iommediately come to mind. Can you think of any that say otherwise?

Let's be realistic here.

this is true...

its okay to accept loss as an enivitability, but its never okay to accept a loss.

thats when you start becoming Saskatchewan.

When is it ok to lose? In the pre season of course.....just ask the Argos.

Don't panic. It is only week 3.

Well said.....never accept losing even in exhibition. The Argos were mentioned in this post but they were requested to practise 3 hours earlier in the morning when they lost those exhibition games versus sleeping in if they won. Unfortunately many fans on this site have drank way too much of Bob's koolaid and losing is not too bad as long as you get a "Great game day experience". Granted that is important but the best game day experience I have ever been involved in is when my team (either playing or a fan of) wins - bottom line. Now after the last three years it seems the players are buying into "losing is ok" and we need to be patient.....attitude needs to change now or we will be in for a long few years...

"you can't win them all" -- qoute made for losers....

When is it OK to lose???

Let me throw this one out at everyone

‘Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing!’

Quote from one of the greatest coaches of all time. Vince Lombardi.

Ti-Cats, from the management, to the coaches and to the players, everyone there better get a change in attitude and not accept losing. And screw this patience thing. How long do we have to wait? Hmmmm.


The indy colts, accepted losing while payton developed? The Ticats are a building team, some players_(kornagy) are a work in progress, . - The OC, and DC- Must give the players a competative edg. imo

Sometimes in life you win and sometimes you lose.

That will never change and I don't get angry about that.

What is unacceptable is losing because you gave up.

That's inexcusible and anyone who ever thinks that it's not should not be wearing Black & Gold.

I wouldnt of minded losing the game Saturday if they had of been in the game . But the stupid mistakes ( like Holmes) the penaltys ( late hits on Calvillo) and the terribly missed field goals ( Boreham !!! ) really bring you down and question everything about the team . A well played game that is up and down the field and few penaltys is all that we can ask for as fans . But when all aspects of the game go south all at the same time I believe your allowed to get antsy .

If they play well and we lose well then ok, but if you stink the joint up well that`s another thing altogether .

The only time it is ever O.K. to lose is after you have secured a home payoff game.....then maybe you can drop a game or two..... :wink:

Unless you are 8 or 9 years old playing tyke football, its never OKAY to lose !