When is it appropriate...

...to start talking about 0-16?

The Lions are 0-12 with games against Minnesota, @Indy, New Orleans, and @Green Bay. Looking at that schedule, I could honestly see them going winless this season. :?

How can a team be that bad for such a long, long time?

You know, it really is sad. I was looking over their past seasons, and the last time they had a winning record was back in 2000. This season will be their 8th straight under .500. Even worse, the last time they won a playoff game was back in 1991.

And people here are always complaining about how the CFL needs to expand. Why, so we can have our own Detroit Lions? :roll:

Don't count me in as someone who says the CFL NEEDS to expand. Yes, would be nice but absolutely not necessary. And to those who say well with 8 teams winning a Grey Cup doesn't mean much because for sure after 6-7 seasons you are surely going to have at least one cup, I say hogwash. Tell Milt Stegall that. And why not make a benchmark that after 10 seasons you should have say 2 GC wins. Anthony Calvillo finding it hard as well.

I'm from London, Ont and went to a couple Lions games at old Tiger Stadium and at the Silverdome. Yes, it's a shame what is happening with this team and they have a nice stadium in downtown Detroit. What can you do.

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What I really hate about the Lions is how ownership demanded a new domed stadium be built. They could have removed some seats and put in luxury suites to increase revenues at only a fraction of the costs. This was done in Buffalo, and has been done in Winnipeg and Ottawa up here. Detroit has had economic struggles to deal with for years, and the auto industry is getting worse, not better. I remember reading that the city had to lay off something like 1300 civic employees the year they hosted the Super Bowl. The final straw when it comes to the Lions is that the organization hasn't accomplished anything since it's glory days in the '50's, and in fact has basically become the joke of the league.

Another loss today. 0-13, with @Indy, NO, and @GB. First team to go 0-16, I can feel it. :lol:

If they can go 0-16, the 1-17 Tigercats won't look that bad! :wink: :wink:

The Lions are the NFL's version of the Toronto Maple Leafs?.... :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol: :lol:

^ But at least the Leafs have made it to the playoffs in the last decade. The last time the Lions advanced was 1999. Whoo!

And with a 42-7 loss to the Saints, they now fall to 0-15. All that remains is a trip to Green Bay to face the 5-9 Packers.

It’s official. The Lions have gone 0-16, the second team to go winless, and the only team to go 0-16.

You can make a case for this team to be the worst pro sports franchise ever. I went to their website and found their all-time season totals... not many winning seasons, and now if you add this year, its truly a record unmatched by any establisehd pro sports franchise-- here is the link:

[url=http://www.detroitlions.com/document_display.cfm?cont_id=23787]http://www.detroitlions.com/document_di ... t_id=23787[/url]

Wow... 14 post season appearances in 75 seasons. Now that's success! :lol:

The thing is Chief, that this franchise was celebrating its 75th anniversary to boot! So how do they reward the fans? By going 0-16! It will be season that many Lions' fans won't soon forget, unless they go to an 18 game season and lose all of those games too! :lol: :lol: :lol:

...read their wiki entry, it is an epic tragedy:


...funny part is the 'FireMillen' chants that spilled over into other sports, even a Red Wings game....wait for it...in Washington!....

...the worst part of this sorrid team has to be the ownership....William Ford is a joke, runs his sports franchise like his car company, into the ground...

You edited the entry to put in their 2008 season...LMAO... :lol: :lol:

…would love to take credit but someone else beat me to it…

...woowee, ford fires coaches...


Wow. Seems like Ford is almost as bad as Al Davis... almost.

....different sorts of bad IMO...Ford is just an old coot, who doesn't know much about running a professional sports franchise whereas Davis is biblically evil, knows a lot about football in general and how to get what he wants....

....Ford is like a grandpa when he knows he shouldn't be driving but when grandma isn't looking backs the car out of the garage, running it into the side of the door frame along the way...

...Davis is like Idi Amin.....

...see the difference?...