When is ideal gameday (exluding long weekends)?

Any idea why the CFL insists on Thursday games? What is worse...why do they elect to start playing more Sunday games to go head to head with the NFL? I get the NCAA is so huge in the US that they don't overload Saturdays, but Thursdays just suck. I mean, if the game starts at 6, I hope you are off early...for me it is a 3hr commute. Ideally I would like to see mostly Friday / Saturday games

Monday - Thursdays are less than ideal, as it is going to be an evening game, and best case scenario is 1030pm to get home. It really has to hurt ticket sales, especially from commuters. Bars and restaurants must hate this to!

Friday - Friday games are a nice way to kick off the weekend, so long as they are 6pm or later

Saturday - best day - most have extra time to get there, and are generally not in as much of a panic to get home. Businesses must get slammed before and after, especially if it results in a win. I would imagine this causes a flux in hotel room usage?

Sunday - fine, but I am just not a fan of going head to head with the NFL...your biggest competition

I believe it had something to do with trying to get the ontario people who went to the cabin on weekends to attend
games… Thursday was the big idea at that time. Now everyone has satelite at the cabin so it seems pointless. I like Saturday afternoon or night games! But I’m pretty solo on that one

Seeing as I have to drive 3.5-4 hours from Kingston to Hamilton, which includes driving through Toronto during the tail end of rush hour, Saturday games are definitely preferable. Sunday is okay if the game finishes early enough.

every day of the year is ideal for football. no such thing as a bad day :rockin:

I disagree with that. Last season's Wednesday game was a bust. I completely forgot about the game. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the last thing on my mind is football. Football is definitely a weekend thing.

I don't mind the Thursday games, but I also don't attend a lot. I wouldn't mind seeing more Friday double-headers. I'm not a big fan of the Sunday games in Sept-Nov, because then I have to decide between the CFL and NFL, and I don't like that. It reduces the amount of football I can watch. :lol:

I never stop thinking about football. When I was younger, I lived, ate and breathed it. Now, I mostly just dream of the good days, and look forward to the next game.

viva la football

it otta be a religion

Well I'm in Grade 9 so ideally for me Fridays/Saturday's are good during the school year but during the summer i'll take anything thursday friday tuesday you name it :lol: but during the school year i cant stand a sunday games

Would love to see the CFL go to a standard Friday/Saturday format. Friday night 8:30 PM, Saturday 1 PM (eastern game), Saturday 4 PM (western Game) Saturday night 8:30 PM. (except on Long weekends).

For the Ti-Cats to draw fans from outside, Saturday/Sunday afternoon's are the best. Lighter traffic on both days. I'm go from Ajax, and Friday nights are a toughy...

Some Saturday triple headers would be cool, but the night games at Ivor Wynne seem to have a better atmosphere than the afternoon games IMO.

I'm not fan of the sunday night games. Sunday aft is good though. Any time on Saturday and Friday night rox

Sounds good to me, but it seems that TSN like the Thursday games.

Or maybe before Labour Day:
1 Thursday
1 or 2 Friday Night
2 or 1 Saturday

And after Labour Day:
1 or 2 Friday
3 or 2 Saturday

The CFL has already stated the Saturday games do the worst. Part of that is due to HNIC and also Saturday people are at the cabin in summertime or running errands, ect.

The CFL really doesn't compete with the NFL and Sunday games draw great. We'll see the number of Sunday games increase.
Ideally I'd have the Friday night game, one on saturday and two on Sunday. Football on Sunday makes total sense to me.

Looks like Sunday games decreased this season. Lots of Saturday games though. Not crazy on Thursday night games.

Yeah I noticed that too :oops: .
Either I misunderstood the point Mark Cohon was trying to make, or more likely TSN got their way and got game son Saturday.
I will be interested to see in the long run if more sunday games are added.

with the strike on its way, CFL might have done better to have more sunday games. makes sense to cut the sat night games a bit to not compete with HNIC

as long as they televise every game, its all good for me. I used to hate it when 2 games were played at the same time.