i wood like to see jason french get in the game , i cant remeber he was good with the riders, i dont see y he is not in ??????????
PUT HIM IN!!!!!!!

i agree and no i dont no why he is not playing but he has been dressed and maybe he is just there incase some1 gets injured

but i would like to see him get some playing time

this would be my starting line up @ WR- left to right -GARDNER....RALPH....FRENCH....McMCANTS

mine would be


Guys, French was highly overrated in Saskatchewan. He dropped way too many balls. He didn't earn the nickname "butterfingers" for nothing.....hopefully he's changed, but if he hasn't, I wouldn't be rushing to see him in action any time soon.

i didnt even know he had the nickname ''butterfingers''

He did here.....

that nickname is fantuz's now.

Exactly, he was horrible and I don't even know why a team would want him especially when their are a lot more non import wide receivers.

Imagine having Butterfingers and Incompleterson on the same team?

That would be frustration to the max.

HAHA yes. He looked pretty sad in the BC game. He had at least 5 drops.

Eventually French will be cut and we will have given Saskatchewan 3 starters from last years team for nothing.

I know, Marcel said they were not going to be on our team (Smith, Flick, and Kornegay)


Ever herd the saying out with old in with the new.

That what where doing here.
Hamilton Stay pat way to offen with players.
Finally with a GM with some cahoniees..

rather see what bauman and getzlaf can do. french is basically a position backup receiver so i don't what the big deal with seeing him play.

This week for sure, because Thyron was released, even if Mccants dresses he wont start.

Balls yes Tom - but we are still 0-4.

French is probably not much better (if at all) than what we currently have at Canadian slot.

I feel better with JoJo walker.

Still don't know why we cut Carl Ford, but no other team has picked him up so I guess that says something.