When is Eastern bias on Player Awards going to end?

Here we are in late season once again...

Once again the west is 9 games over .500

and the east is 9 games under... a huge spread.

Yet look at the Player Awards.

Offensive: 9 East to 8 West
Defensive 9 East to 8 West
Special Team 11 East to 6 West

Does anybody else out there find this a joke? Is this just the CFL's lame attempt to publicize a weaker division in the larger urban centers?

A week or two can be an anomaly. 17 weeks shows there is definitely an agenda being played out here.

Too bad, because the product on the field overall this year, both east and west, has been exceptional (okay, unless you live in Hamilton).


Ummm...team depth could could explain the W's in the west. Who says the best individuals have a right to win anyways? Its based on votes...the east has the same number as the west, so any blame is clearly on both coasts. Assuming ur in the west, ask ur local BOG why they voted for eastern guys?


I think it's actually a good sign that there are fewer "standouts" for teams...means, to me, that teams are playing as one unit, rather than having one or two shining stars in their midst...

both good points, and I tip my hat to both of you. Maybe I'm just cynical, but do you think the BOG of the west may just be getting instructions from League Office? The west has no problems getting local ink, Lions are news when they win, others all the time. Eastern teams struggle for ink space and air time in their markets. Sorry, but even if "stronger team play" could explain the variation somewhat, the results for a whole season are just too illogical to dismiss. At least in my humble opinion.

An individual can have a great game and his team can still lose. Wins and losses have very little to do with individual awards either weekly or annually. What it should affect is the all-star teams.

Team records mean nothing when it comes to personal records, or, better put, personal records mean nothing when it comes to team records
A receiver can win offensive player for receiving 200 yards and a TD but his team looses 35-7
A kicker can score 5 field goals and punt for a 50 yards average and still lose as well.

The only stat that matters to me is the Western team winning the Grey Cup!


who cares about the individual weekly awards! that gets you nothing in the end!

the Grey Cup is all that matters!!

Okay, my final word on this.. (unless until my next post)

Don't think there's a bias?

28 interlocking games YTD.

West is 18-9-1 for a .661 winning percentage.

In only those games, awards are 10-7 for the west, a .588 percentage which is probably pretty fair.

Interestingly, there have been 36 west-west match ups, and 36 east-east match ups. Should be no bias here right?

In those 72 games, west players have won 6 awards, east have won 11. By definition, these games are played at .500. Somehow TWICE as many stars are in the east? Or just twice as many (potential) fans?

Lastly, I checked to see how much impact winning or losing makes on the selection (obviously big individual games would help your team's odds of winning) to see if it affects the selection.

For offensive and defensive stars, in 34 selections, team records ar 30-1-3. Only team on a losing team to win was Jesse Lumsden, an east player vs. .... BC Lions, a west team. In fairness, I saw the game, and Lumsden was full value for the selection.

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Who knows...but it does raise my eyebrows. I think the theory is reaching a bit. But if there was any truth to that Id think it would be a conflict of interest for the league to do so, and the players assn. might be interested.


have you read any of the other posts in this thread?

While there may be an Eastern bias, it's impossible to conclude that because player of the week is not a team award, it should be irrelevant if a team wins or loses in awarding these.

It is painfully clear, the POTW awards are a big joke. They are not based on anything of relevance other then some reporter who likely never watched a game selecting an award.

While I never looked at the over all stats...if you look at individual stats, you have to wonder what drugs the person was on when they made the selection.

My take is that every city that has a team has the same number of votes as any other city. So if all the western jocks vote for western players and all the eastern jocks vote for their players it would be a tie. Seing that it's not a tie one must assume that western guys vote for eastern players right? Talk to your MPs oh! I mean reps as they are making the calls.

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Eastern teams (other than Hamilton) get to play extra games against Hamilton. If anyone wants to do an analysis of the opponents of POTW winners, I'd bet you'd find Hamilton at the top of the list. We have a way of bringing out the best in people.

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Eastern players deserve to win awards as much as western players. I agree that individual awards aren't indicative of teams strengths. Perhaps, individuals standout more in a weak division? Since football is a team sport, quarterbacks shouldn't receive all the credit or blame for wins or losses.

What I hate is when they do look at team performance to pick individual awards, just like with movies. Sometimes a great performance is lost by a team or films poor performance and more often than not, the winners are picked from the winning teams/films. Totally sucks. If the player awards have been going against this and actually being given based solely on the players merit, then bravo.

It should not be impossible for a ticat to win MOP for the season, yet when has anyone from a team not in the playoffs ever won??