When is Bo back?

Only toaster instruction manuals.

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Living in the past there Green Party, The reining Grey Cup Champs are in the East ,the third place Ti-Cats have won over the first and second place Western teams Bombers and Lions …
The East is no longer least , not to mention fourth place RB’s almost knocked off the Lions this weekend past. …and previously beat the BB……So if you could change to the East for the playoffs your watermelons would be squashed….lol

My point exactly. No matter who the riders face in the west or the east they will get beat in the first play off gaome they face no matter who it is west or east.
Not sure where you are getting I am saying the riders have dominance. The Elk have proven to be good team however to little yo late as they must win out and rely on other teams to go them favors of losing key games. Similarly the east is showing signs of formerly has beens coming to life at the correct time to make a playoff run. Hamilton looks to surpass Montreal for being better and a west team may not crossover but as you said earlier the riders are looking too good to surpass either the top two in the west OR the top two in the east.
But you to possibly think the cats are gonna beat the Argos in any play off game is just as folly as the riders doing similar in any division … at least this season in any case. Both teams are at best looking for hope next year

We would have no more chance against TOR this year than the 9-9 Riders had against the 16-2 Eskimos in 1989. It is hopeless.


And may I add no more hopeless than beating a 12-6 Cats team to win the Cup after beating the 16-2 Eskimos team to actually get there in the first place .

I still give the Ticats a better chance to win the playoffs than I give the riders this season.
Yes the 89 riders are one example of an exception but we both know that was a far different season and team than the current green iteration
The cats have of late shown great Moxy and the riders have not. Coming into their own late in the season goes far as to how a team does in the playoffs. The cats are moving in the right direction the riders by far so far are not

Riders could beat BC….in playoff , especially if your QB comes back….
As far as Toronto goes, doesn’t look like we can ,but….with Bo, Shiltz & Powell healthy,it at least looks better for the playoffs, Als will be tough wherever we play them ….

Related question: If these three are all healthy, do you dress all three, or keep Locksley in for QB sneaks and potential receiver/trick plays?

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I think the guy with the broken leg sits .



Until he’s ready to play next season . A fully healed broken leg means he should be ready to compete in 2024 .

Toronto should worry. They have nothing to play for until the East Final. Even Pinball’s speeches may be no match for the inevitable hubris that will set in.


Well that kind of defeats the premise of my question, which assumes they are all cleared to play.

Recent CFL practice has been to have a Designated Sneaker. If he gets into the game a few times, it was probably worth the roster spot.

But where?

I think Locksley is the odd man out or gets dressed as a fullback. Shiltz handles sneak duty but Powell could be first off the bench if Bo struggles.


Well it wouldn’t be Sask :laughing:

Nor anywhere else as nobody would want him

Your boy Ballsy wanted him bad all offseason.

Who is ballsy and thank god it never happened

When has Bo not struggled in the last two years?