When is Austin finalizing his staff?

Now that his coordinators are in place, you'd think it would have been announced by now.

We still need a ST coordinator, then several positional coaches so i'd rather he take his time and make every square inch of this franchise perfect.

Drew Edwards

#Ticats expected to announce Dennis McPhee as defensive line coach later today. Was with the club from '95 to '02 & '04 to '06. #CFL

I like it. I like McPhee

Nice hire!

Add McPhee

Subtract Womack

I hope the Oline and special teams coaches ( Malone, Daly, and Oz) return from last year. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old 2nd tier guy)

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost 11m
In addition to McPhee, the #Ticats add Allen Rudolph as OL coach & John Zamberlin is returning as LB coach. Zamberlin was popular w/ players

Congratulations to Deke McPhee! A great hire for the club. I am pleased that another Sudsy disciple is back in the fold!

Oski Wee Wee,


Opening the door for Tillman?

Allen Rudolph is from the Northwestern State Demons in Louisiana. I thought I knew most of the team names in college football but little do I know! The Demons of Northwestern State fight song has got to be a classic. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who knows less and less every day)

Good signing for a couple of reasons;

  • McPhee has experience CFL coaching the D-Line and DBs, especially in Hamilton.
  • McPhee was the DL coach during those bad 90's teams, which had a good defenses, just really poor offensives.
  • McPhee coached Steinauer during his years in the Hammer and being that he now works for Steinauer, the two should have little to no problems with getting on the same page for how the DL should work.

Welcome back!

Me too! I am starting to get excited again!

Saw that coming a mile away. Womack will end up in Ottawa or MOntreal.

Nice staff... Northwestern built a great program last 3 years.

I think it's coming along fine so far. I hope they settle the ST coordinator role soon, and would like to see Daley and/or Ozzie back. Then there are just a couple or so assistant positions to fill.

It will be important to see what happens on the player personnel and scouting side. I wonder if Joe W will be back or not (seems like some folks here think not or hope not). Also curious to see if Danny Mac returns. Not to mention the Canadian scouting side.

All this needs to be in place by about the end of this month I think, in time for FA season. First thing is to focus on re-signing on those of our own FAs we want back.

Understatement...to be honest, I was quietly hoping/thinking this may happen.

It looks to me that Austin is really putting a coaching team together that will have some good chemistry! :thup:

"Good chemistry"? That's an unfortunate choice of words considering the steroid scandal at Waterloo occurred on McPhee's watch.

Add Tillman to the mix and you got a bit of everything. Should make for quite the parties ! :lol:

im very happy with the hires mcphee back with steinauer and the o line coach o coordinator and head coach all have a conection from the coaches to players lets unite as one get on the same page and go out a kick some A@@

Kent Austin Head Coach and GM of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats has added three assistants to his coaching staff. Dennis McPhee Defensive Line Coach, Allen Rudolph Offensive Line Coach and John Zamberlin returns as Linebackers Coach. All sound great to me, much better than Creehan and Cortez?? Now is Daily coming back as Special Teams Coach or will Ozzie take over insted of being a team consultant to special teams??

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/austin-adds-three-to-ticats-coaching-staff]http://www.cfl.ca/article/austin-adds-t ... hing-staff[/url]