I love Andy Fantuz, and I want him to get better and start playing again! I didnt think he was hurt bad enough to be out for this long!
I was going to buy a Fantuz jersey this month but i dont want to while hes not playing..

I would imagine that he might have been able to play this last week, but the Riders figured they would save him for this week when they play Montreal... an extra week can never hurt. Luckily, we have a lot of depth in our receiving corps so we don't have to bring him back early and risk another injury.

Are you another in a long line of Andy Fantuz girlfriends??? I hear there's quite a few girls running around in Regina who claim to be his girlfriend....

you're thinking of Trevis Smith...

Rimshot! Thanks folks, I'm here all week! Try the veal!


According to coach Miller, Fantuz will not see any action until after the bye week.

I don't know when he will be back in the game but I do know that the Riders just offered Fantuz a multi-year extension to his contract. Let's hope he signs.

If this is true. then wooohooo. Sign it Andy

He should be back Labour Day---hopefully with a shiny new deal in hand....

gotta love hindsight. He's almost been out enough weeks now that it would've made more sense to have him on the 9 game injured list but we had no way of knowing back then the extent of his injury would carry him off the field for this long... ah well, as said hopefully he's gained some love for this prairie province and re-signs without reservations.

haha awesome. Yeah I am NOT one of the girls running around Regina claiming to be his girlfriend. I wish lol.
Im actually from edmonton. i want to buy a Fantuz jersey and get it signed when they come back here on Sept 26, I just wanted to make sure he wasnt too hurt before i bought one. and its very reassuring that he was offered a contract, i hope he signs! anyone know how long it is for?

Fantuz will be back for Labour Day, but I'm afraid this will be his last LDC with us. Being an Ontarian, he'll want to be closer to home; who can blame him? If the Riders are wise, let him play out the year and then trade him in the offseason. He is worth a 1st round draft pick and another player (Dylan Barker from Hamilton? ) Yes I'm fixated with Saskatchewanites coming back to play for Gang Green

I personally think that they are trying to trade him and don't want him to get hurt. He was a game time decision 5 weeks ago and appears to be the same for the Bomber game. Its a Groin not a Broken Leg!

Fantuz is Great , but he either has to sign or give him his wish to go back East! Waiting till he becomes another Lloyd or McKenzie Free agent is a mistake!

I agree Fantuz is done as a Rider…the big question now is who can we get in return for him?? I would like to see if we can get a core LB for him. On a side note I wonder how KJ is liking toronto…with Matt D coming back does KJ want to come back to Regina…just pondering thoughs here

I just caught the CFL Insider on tsn.ca and Dave Naylor said Andy is opting to see what kind of interest he can drum up next year in the NFL before making any decision about staying in Saskatchewan. I'm no expert but I think that statement pretty much kills his trade value.

Dave Naylor is blowing smoke. Andy denied these reports in the Leader Post this morning. His main concern at this moment is to make sure he is healed up and contributing to the team.

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/bestfromthenewsroom/archive/2009/09/03/andy-fantuz-denies-reports-that-he-rejected-offer-from-roughriders.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... iders.aspx[/url]

Whether Andy or his people talked to Naylor or not, my guess is that his assessment is more right than wrong.

i dont know a whole lot about the Nfl, but i dont think that Andy Fantuz would be that great in NFL? would anyone actually be interested in him because he was out most of last season and a decent portion of this one? hopefully those are just rumours, but hopefully those rumours do reduce his trade value in the CFL so he just signs a long term deal with the Riders.
in any case, im not buying a jersey of his now! Hes too unreliable