when is 200ft worth it?

it seems this guy decided that climbing the Tim Hortons Field stands at this time was worth it. was he protesting because he was bumped down to tier 2? he couldn't get the virtual stadium map to work and he wanted to choose his seats now? he was drunk? or was it just because it's Hamilton? what could it really be? :smiley:


@Media371: .@HamiltonPolice negotiators speaking with a male close to 200 feet up a crane at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Area closed. http://t.co/H6gVwX89Az

Probably someone who simply couldn't move on from the stadium debate and wants it at the West Harbour. That or a disturbed or drunk individual.

Eisenberger just couldn’t let it go could he :smiley:

Crack addict.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

you owe me a new keyboard LTF, as I just sprayed coffee all over it.

He was likely just checking the sight lines to get the best selection for seats