when does the revolving door close

Alrite ill admit i wasnt a cortez fan but had we won on the feild this year i wouldnt have cared. And i still dont but im thinking of all the coaches in the last 5 years that have come through this organization mb gm etc etc and the only thing i come up with is they all have averaged 1 yr at the job. What player would want to come here thinking that every year hes gonna learn a new system philosophy coaches etc. i feel its not the coaches fault nor the players its the revolving coaches office that has kept this team in the cellar.
Id like the organization to hire a gm and coach let them put together there staff and promise the fans this is the guy for a minimum of 3 yrs no if and or buts. If that dont work then i dunno

You make a very valid point. Constantly changing staff, whether it is players or coaches, is never a good thing. Always looking for the right combination rather than creating a stable team is, at best, an excercise in futility, and, at worst, a constantly underachieving team. Let's get a coaching staff that the players respect and will follow because the coaches know what they're talking about because they've been there, and stay with them, come hell or high water.

Our coaches have averaged way more than 1 year.

After the long term of Lancaster we have the following:
Greg Marshall 2 years 4 games
Lancaster 14 games as temp coach, shouldn't really count him
Charlie Taafe 1.5 years
Bellefeuille 3.5 years
Cortez 1 year

Everybody except Cortez was given multiple years.

The question is really is it the talent or the coaching?

How are 2, 3.5 , and 1.5 , way more than 1?

And why doesn't Lancaster's 14 game tenure not count? That's all part of the point of instability.

I think the point is that these are very short tenures, not given enough time to establish any basis for stability or continuity.

What about the OCs and DCs? Pretty much the same thing I suspect.

The short answer is : when Bob Young gets a clue and removes Scott Mitchell from having any say in football operations.

Alright seriously next year, we hire Greg Marshall and/or Paul LaPol and stick with them. Simple as that.

When does the revolving door close?

It doesn't. This is Hamilton. Keeping that door swinging is what we do best.

It stops when we win the Grey Cup.

gonna need a lot of grease to keep that door going that long

I'm confused. Is the door revolving, or swinging?

Or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CSmkym-Stw

poor door is so confused it doesnt know what to do

it stops when Scott mitchell realizes that a coach needs more than 1 year to win and provides the talent to go with it

It should stop when it hits Mitchell's rear end on the way out the door when he is fired. Perhaps he could weave his magic in another province? How about BC, there are lots of thing he could mess up there. How about Mr Brailey, does Scott fit in your business model?