When does the CFL usually update their stats

Can anyone let me know when the CFL.ca stats page will be updated? Do is take them a couple of days or is it usually done the day after the last game?


As I just read a post about TSN getting the news about the trade up so fast i decided to check their stats page. And sure wnough the stats have ben updated. The person on another post mentioned that TSN has more money,etc to put towards news. But doesn the CFL get the news FIRST? I am very curious to hear from a CFL exec why they can’t get their league stats updated after the final game.

This is a small organization…run by a small group of , EXCELLENT, hard working people who may have other full time jobs , as well.

HOWEVER…they do not have TSN / ESPN’s resources and/or budget.

And they are still working on improving things…as this site is fairly new.

BUT for the limited time and resources that they have , I think that they are doing great so far…and it will get even better in time.

Things here are usually updated 1 hour after the game…and there is TSN.ca…AND …SLAM SPORTS


SLAM SPORTS… also has all reguular season and game day STATS…and they also have an almost real time score board…here they have…play by play…and links to all the CFL teams websites , at the home page.

Thanks, I totally understand that as well and give that leeway. But I have emailed the CFL in hopes of finding out their time frame but no one wants to inform me. This season I got some fans together hoping this idea of a football draft would invoke some more interest int he games but the league isn’t really helping.

no problem…sometimes the CFL’s front office is their own worst enemy…but yours is a great idea…and there are some excellent…fantasy football games here, made by the fans…and there is also…something called …FSN…where you can win prizes for picking winners. [find that at this sites home page.]

I can answer the stats issue. I have been implementing a new stats system and have been working closely with a few folks to improve the the work flow

Last season the CFL implemented the liveplay page on CFL.ca. This is actually a by product of the stats application the CFL developed with the help of SUN. The CFL built from the ground up a complete database driven stats collection system…which as you can imagine is quite the undertaking. This system allows the CFL to generate reports minutes after the game is complete…those are the reports that have been posted in the game notes. As well the system generated an XML feed which was developed for FSN, so that we could deliver the stats to FSN within minutes of the game being complete…

The stats delivered within the feed were for the FSN game. The CFL is now in the procees of adding more stats to the file and then feeding it directly into CFL.ca, but like any process this takes time. The infrastructure is in place on CFL.ca. We are now working on expanding the XML files.

In the short term we are posting the stats via PDF file… once the system is expanded and tested then dynamic stats will be added to CFL.ca. As for updating…the stats reports are being posted within an hour of the game and then league reports are posted the following day. The web team are making efforts to post stats reports within a half hour of the game being complete.

Please stay posted…


Thanks CFLpm. I appreciatte your feedback and dedication by the league to improve this area. My concern was the time of the stats and I just wanted answer from the league as to when the stats are updated, so I thank you again for taking the time to inform me and other fans. I look forward to seeing the new program and if you want some feedback I’ll definitely be glad to assist.

One other thing. On the pdf pages do you have all the players that got yards in that position? For example even if a player caught a pass for 1 yard is he in there? If not will it be in the new format?


CFLpm, Isn’t it way too gutsy from your part to ask this week’s poll question, knowing your new stats engine isn’t working yet?

You’re lucky “I am no authorized to carry the operation” of voting… :wink:

Not at all…

Contructive criticism is always welcome and getting a sense of how we are doing is very important. No way are we going to dodge the tough questions and ignore the fans…If you are not happy we want to know, so that we can correct the situation and improve your experience.

So whether you like it or not tell us… knowledge is power and assists us in change.


Good. Unfortunately, I have never been able to vote on the front page polls. I don’t know what makes those polls different than the ones we create in threads. I can vote in the latters, but when I submit my vote on the front page one, I always get a “You are not authorized to carry this operation”.

Fellow huddle members, am I alone in that situation?

And here’s another thing to look at. It seems to me the only place where we can find who were the past Players of the week is by scrolling back in the news archives. Maybe I just haven’t found the section where you put these honours. But if it’s unexisting, it would be a good idea to create it.

CFLpm, first of all great job on working to improve the site. I think all of us thank and appreciate the work you are doing.

I’ve noticed that about an hour after the game there are some stats on the website, but the pdfs aren’t up until usually much later. Is there any chance of getting those up sooner? Also about how long after the game would you expect the pdf stats to be put up on the website?


Dirk, dude, don’t ask about more PDF efficiency… we’re all trying to make them get rid of that inappropriate format. Don’t encourage them into that!

Well its better than nothing. And for the time being since that’s what they are using I’d just like to know if those could be up a little faster for now until the xml is ready. Don’t get me wrong, i’m with you on wanting it the other way, but until that’s ready I’d at least like the pdf’s after the game and not the next morning.

Spoke to our developers and they will be setting up a process so the the person writing the post game recap can add in the stats package…

A new writer will be join the CFL next week and will make sure the stats are posted in the game notes after every game…so within the hour and ideally a half hour…

the league stats are updated in the morning… it is a slightly more complicated process.

As for stopping of PDF produciton. We will not…as I have said…many fans like them…we will just be offering them is several formats. (ie. dynamic HTML)


Just poking some fun at you… We know the CFL has a huge PDF production business on the side… Wouldn’t want you guys to let such profitable commerce slip away…

Still waiting to hear one single fan express his delight for PDF files, though… :wink:

Web guy<: One other thing. On the pdf pages do you have all the players that got yards in that position? For example even if a player caught a pass for 1 yard is he in there?If hethrew for 5 yards 1 pass is he still in there? If not will it be in the new format?