When does Printers get the Big Picture?

Last night Casey looked like he wanted to do it all. Swearing after a dumb play,and
useing limited vision on plays when some
guys where wide open, well as the old song
goes I'll get by with a little help from
my Friends! May-be next time.
Still he will get better- I hope. 8)

im very happy u learned how to start a new thread but theres already a few like this... oh and ya i dont really think u know much bout football if thats how u saw last nights game.

Think before you post. and watch the entire game not just the highlites on tsn

I didn't watch the highlights. Did TSN do another "stellar" job?

he had an adaquate game, but he easily could have been better.

his timing looked off and his touch is still out of practice, given a few weeks i expect much better results.

that and the rookie receivers might not be so jittery (they weren't in the second half)

What game were you watching? Printers was great. Throwing great passes and making something out of nothing. He WAS the highlight reel.

He completed 71% of his passes,and rushed for 33 yards not too mention escaping numerous sacks.

How can people still think he was ineffective. Our defence put us in that position.

Printers seemed to be the only willing to play 4 quarters of football.

I think Printers already has a clue, and hopefully the rest of the team will follow.

The defence and coaching hung us out to dry Thursday night. Thats for sure

Printers is not the one to worry about!..
from what I saw..
2.D-LINE and
3.O-LINE......need to get the 'BIG PICTURE'..

from the outset i respect how casey was talking about championships and wanting to win here. but from the start i knew the team was throwing a one man saviour at us when he signed.
the good thing is he's young talented and now we is competitive spirit, and hopefully eventuallt this organization will be stable and ready to surround this guy with something more.